Abyss Runner Winners and Oryx 3 [Exalt blog]


Copied from the Exalt blog site (was posted there 6 days ago):

& was also announced on Reddit: link

Abyss Runner & Heroic Abyss Events [May 25th/27th to Jun 1st]
Realm Exalt/Flash Patch Notes [X.34.1.0] & Prismimic Events [Jun 4th to 9th]

Time for some @s for the winners:

Fastest runners pt.1:

@Andreasan @Japan @Pronssia @MOONSHOOT @PubHallDad @CrayKiller @T @Kelrocks @Maikaze


Fastest runners pt.2:

@H @Mimighster @Pharest @Liinkii @RageLing @Sebchoof @Carpey @Kingged


Fastest runners pt.3:

@Unicorn @Bisque @Cubeee @XRoMeWolvx @Zockerguy @PopeMatt @Nazoado @Nyyocom


Random consolation prizes pt.1:

@Pentane @ABearss @Albinum @BirdieOryx @DragnslyrN @Exen @FrankeD @Hishimiya @Homura @Itzchaboi @Kocho @Marvin @Noosdfaxf @Plethora


Random consolation prizes pt.2:

@Pogris @Ra @Recently @RosieShy @Ryan @SAWAGMANZ @Schvy @Shadowfax @TipsBot @Unicoww @Veuder


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Just for another reply, here are the vids of the top 5 times:

Andreasan 26.04 (warrior)

Japan 27.03 (ninja)

Pronssia 27.10 (warrior)

MOONSHOT 27.24 (warrior)

PubHallDad 27.93 (warrior)

(All the vids are posted as replies to the contest on Reddit.)