Accidentally made an Antimony Artifact?


Don’t know if this is an intended feature, but I just “swapped” out my Ember of the Void for the only Ember of the Daeva (currently no Wiki source) that I had and it just produced an Antimony Artifact in my ring slot. Is this an intended feature, or possibly a bug? I’m a little upset that I lost the only Ember of the Daeva that I had, but hopefully I can grind for another one in the tinkerer’s quest. Anyways, any clarifying information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It’s an intended feature. The Antimony Artifact can be created by combining the two rings(Void and Daeva) together without using the tinkerer’s quest. It’s similar to how you get the Entropy Reactor(by dragging two related items, the Loaded Core and Locked Reactor, on top of each other).


oh gotcha thanks man


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