Account Stats: ANY WHALES? [Poll]


Vaults: 140
Chars: 40
Amount Spent ~2.5K
Time played 4500 Hours


Vaults: 17
Chars: 19
Skins: 159
Pet: 94/92/79
Time Played: 4702 hours
Amount spent: 0


F2P pog!

Seagull red eye intensifies


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Uh, I wouldn’t count that, personally. You spend just as much time and effort on games sometimes, and even then, providing help and content for games can be as enjoyable as playing the game itself, in my humble opinion (talking generally here, not just Realm)!

Edit: And just before someone potentially calls me on this game and the lack of effort, yes, I know Wilhuff is a really good player, and again, I’m not just referring to Realm (That, and not everyone is a pro at gaming to begin with; their skills may lie elsewhere).


Umm, isn’t that exactly what being F2P is? Just because there are ways to improve your account outside of literally playing the game doesn’t mean it isn’t F2P. It just means they are taking advantage of every opportunity they have!


i did not know WilHuff was f2p. He has some serious skill as a player!


Ok we’ll have to disagree on that. I would consider putting effort inside the game as F2P, but would say putting in effort outside of the game towards contests (and winning) has no real difference from using a credit card. Either way you’re doing something non-gameplay related to progress in the game.

At any rate, you still won’t be able to progress that far without using resources outside of the game itself.



Vault: 4

Slots: 3

Skins: 1

Pet: Common but going for petless so I can learn how to dodge effectively.

Time played: 6+ hours

Amount: Intended to be F2P.

Likely to be more active when IC/OoC get implemented.


vaults: 38
char slots: 24
pet: 98/98/86, new pet 94,91,78
skins: 123
hours: 6800
amount spent: ~$300 AUD


U passed me in playtime hours by 1000 and you made ur account a year and a half after me.


He also win competitions from rotmg discord and get gold and such


made my account in 2012 and have spent about 1000 hours altogether since then :slight_smile:


f2p = you don’t pay

putting your efforts in contests means you are having fun with the game and want more. failing contests will lead to success, paying won’t lead to anything

there is no relation between doing things you like and paying to get things you like

now can you please stop creating arguments whenever you can


Deep respect to everyone who’s F2P.


Vaults: 6
Character Slots: 5
Pet: 70/70
Skins: 8-10 probably
Hours: I have no idea
Amount spent: $0.00


This thread seems like a good way for someone to browse good accounts if they are looking for an account to steal. Not that the intent was for that and (likely) people posting here are relatively safe, but I would personally think twice about posting my account specifics online.


This is true, but if strong passwords were bypassable, I haven’t any money to lose. It would just suck is all. But concern noted.


Vaults: 4
Chars: 3
Skins: 19 (mainly from my friends just giving me skins)
Pet: 70/66
Time Played: 8 days
Amount spent: 0


Only 192 hours?