Account Stats: ANY WHALES? [Poll]


I think so, you can check it in my death summary.


I lost my first account to the Kabam transfer thing because my internet at the time was 1kb/s. so I think I spent $20 at some point to get a head start.

Vaults: 12
Chars: 12
Skins: 17
Pet: 80/75
Time Played: 1067hrs
Cost: $20


Same as me.


Vaults: 96 slots (12 chests)
Chars: 11 (i think)
Skins: somwhere between 65 and 75. I have some skins that I’ve never used, RE doesn’t know I have them
Pet: 90/90/77
Time: 3,455 hours
Money paid: nothing


Vaults: 238
Characters: 110, I think. Might be more.
Skins: 596. I have 8 that don’t show on Realmeye.
Pet: 100/100/100.
Time: Probably 10K hours.
Money paid: At least $16,000 over 8 years.

Whale status: The biggest blue whale you’ll likely ever see!




Yes. 16,000. :slight_smile:


What the fuck what did you spend all that money on?


Skins this man spet a good 400$ to buy gentleman skin when there were only 3 or 5 (i forget) in existence


@Iwantdevil is this really one of the rarest cloths?



I has 5 big, 78 small
image image


One guy, @KinkyPink has spent over $16,000 in like 1 year on this game. Whenever there is an event he pops loads of keys in event dungeons in the shatters discord


Probably is one of the rarest because its has been unobtainable for 4 years? I have no idea when the alchemist left.


he is also known as a hero


For real for real


Though I’m one of the heavy spender…


Holy moly man!


Yes. Now I know where the stockpile of Alchemist Cloth is!


yeah. he is literally a gamer.
He does exactly 3 things
he works for 8 hours a day
he sleeps for 8 hours a day
he games for 8 hours a day


Vault Space: 72
Character Slots: 3
Pet: 70/70/70
Time: Steam says 885 hours, but that’s probably because I leave the launcher on most of the time.
Money Paid: ~$70