Account under maintenance?


When I tried logging on this morning I get a message that says “Oops… Account is under maintenance”. I tried looking it up and it says that whenever that message appears it is a ban. How can I check how long my ban is or even if I got banned or if its a glitch? Because I know I don’t hack or whatever.


You got banned. If you would like to see what the ban is for and the duration you can contact deca support:

Most likely if this is your first ban it will be for 14 days or less, but I cannot say. Hope this could be of some help, and I hope for your sake it was for something like toxicity so it won’t be a long ban


Yeah I’m 100% it was for toxicity, nice of them to not make it a perma since I’ve learned my lesson now and I won’t do it anymore. Thank you!


My account is also under maintenance and I’m not even toxic


you probably got banned. like @deebomb said, go contact deca support, just look at their post above you.
also, welcome to the realmeye forums.


they haven’t responded and its almost been a day, should I use a different topic when submitting a ticket? I heard ticket responses differ from which topic you use like bug or account issue etc.


i would just wait if i were you, for support is probably busy with other tickets right now.
might take a couple of days, but it might be worth it.

that said, i am just a random stranger on the internet.
so i don’t know anything about this and this is just pure speculation. so i may or may not be wrong about this.


You’ve never been toxic around me since I met you, but then again, you seem afk half the time I see you lol


I would expect delays from any support teams right now. The holiday season tends to add more traffic on top of employees wanting time off.


And IICR, there’re 3 support agents who handle to the support tickets. Chris, Dhayne and Valsined.

I can’t imagine (tens of) thousands of players’ support tickets and only 3 agents have to handle them all.


I got banned once for no reason too, they unbanned me in few hours after i emailed the support.


offensive language for 7 days lmao


It said i got banned for offensive language for 7 days, but I don’t think I’ve said anything ofensive


There’s also someone called Screaper, he dealt with my support ticket about losing items.


Spelling out any letter of the N word will get you banned FYI. You could put the I in NICE but if someone decides to put the G and then continue, they all get banned.

source: got beaned for a week


deserved ban lmao

*chances are that wasn’t even the real reason for the ban because deca


what if it was a typo? Maybe we meant to say “No”?


if that’s legit why he got banned then that’s pretty cringe

Not like the sole use of “i” is to start an nword chain, don’t think I’ve even seen someone use it like that


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