Achievements Idea


You guys didn’t like this idea, so I’m following up on @PIGGIESFAR’s idea of making these “Achievements” that show in another section, and have nothing to do with Fame.

Bomb Disposer - Destroyed 20 or more Lair Burst Traps in the Undead Lair without exploding them

Excavator - Completed 5 or more Caves of a Thousand Treasures

Flawless Accuracy - 100% Accuracy

Flawless Dodging - Never received damage

Crusader - More than 8,000,000 tiles uncovered’

Pioneer - Mapped an entire Realm

Bounty Hunter - More than 2,000 quests completed

Medic - More than +100,000 HP in party heals (does not apply for consumables)

Support - More than 2,000 party effects (does not apply to priests and necromancers)

Illusionist - More than 1,000 decoys produced

Lucky - More than 5 White Bag items looted

R U Cheating? - More than 10 White Bag items looted

Champion - More than 10,000 Monster Kills

Destroyer of Worlds - More than 50,000 Monster Kills

Bringer of Light - More than 20 Void Entity Kills

Godspeed - More than 500 seconds of the Speedy effect

Battering Ram - Destroyed more than 200 walls

Realm Savior - More than 10 Oryx Kills

Punching Bag - Received more than 50,000 damage

Regenerator - Regenerated 1,000 HP through Vitality

Concentrator - Regenerated 1,000 MP through Wisdom

Fearless - 20 or more enemies within a 8-tiles radius

Infiltrator - More than 500 Monster Kills while Invisible

Blind-Fire - More than 200 off-screen Enemy Kills

Attracting - 100 or more players teleported to you

Flexer - Said “PPE BTW LEL XD” in Chat at least once

Sore Arms - Said “PPE BTW LEL XD” in Chat at least twenty times






Having dungeon-specific fame bonuses seem like a no-go, at least for me.

Benefits fame trainers too much.

How would this be coded? The idea is cool, but since each map is different, I imagine that this wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Why is it class specific? Only 3 classes can heal in the game.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Would probably want to change the name.

It’s really hard to get 1 Void Entity kill, and to get 20 is pretty insane.

You could always use Speed Sprouts or a speedy tower in Lost Halls, but this is again somewhat class specific.

Is there supposed to be more to this?

Class specific.


No thanks.


I agree to “NO!”. This is an open invite to SPAM, and that’s not allowed


you can’t spam when you are in your vault.



make it something like 1000 and give it shitton of fame bonus, I would fucking LOVE to make total runs 3000 and waste 500 hours of my life again


Void entity kill means final hit, not completion.

It would be the same as Oryx Slayer.


doesn’t make any sence since void entity kills itself at last flame phase after 20 seconds and that most groups don’t have enough dmg to kill him entirely within that amount of time


I’m just defining the term.

You make a good point. The fame bonus would be unviable.


Far too many of these are class specific or…out of context
This is a bullet hell game, and I feel something like a bonus for say, 1 million shots would make more sense, not something like “How many traps can you destroy”.
I don’t know, just my opinion. I dislike many of these because they feel…off


omg yes more easy fame bonuses uwu


Should be like 2k walls or something (snake pits amirite)


Wouldn’t the Map Bonus be impossible tho? As you would be stopped by the “deep” (dark blue) ocean wouldn’t you? I remember checking the wiki and it seems like a lot of the realm is actually inaccessible ocean, unless I’m wrong


How are you supposed to get the ‘take no damage’ fame bonus, if you can only get fame bonuses when you die, and you can’t die without taking damage?


Ooooo gottem


Cheater armor, some other form of debuff… this is a challenge and someone will do it.



yes, because everyone has 100 hp or less at level 20.


Some enemies have shots that do no damage, only status effects, so you could take no damage, but still get hit by the shot, and die. Or before the def nerf, pirates on the beach can have their shots rounded down to 0 dmg so that could kill you if you have a ring. It’s absolutely stupid to do, but the fame bonus is technically possible.


i would love these bonuses if they weren’t for fame. maybe an achievements section on your account or something. it seems like a pain to have to grind each of these for fame on every character