Achieving Fame Bonuses


When you are trying to get a certain fame bonus, such as explorer, make it like the class quest system, when you achieve the certain fame it will say “explorer achieved” or something
Of course this won’t apply to all fame bonuses, exceptions would be like enemy of the gods or slayer of the gods.
Just an idea I’ve been thinking of for a little bit.
I thought of it because I wanted to know the exact moment for when I achieve a fame bonus.


I like this idea, maybe it can show up in the chat, or maybe pop up on ur screen like the tips do.


Or on your character like the “Class quest completed” and “level up” popups.


that was what i was thinking


Or the oryx slayer bonus


another fame bonus i was thinking about


+1, I would even like it for all the “gain and lose” achievements.
(writing this with a blind eye to what alterations Deca might make to the fame system)

It could trigger the message when you get it: Slayer of Gods achieved
And then trigger a “lost” message if you lose it, from killing minions: Slayer of Gods lost

The message could work for any bonuses where you can lose something, eg.: Friend of the Cubes lost

Similar with the accuracy ones: Sharpshooter lost
…go on an accuracy spree and you’d receive: Sharpshooter achieved
to let you know instantaneously you’d got it back.


yeah, its just with fame bonuses that you could gain and lose whenever, people could potentially “spam” it, but other than that i agree




I like it! With the new graphics that Deca has shown are possible (when you unlock a new class, it plays a little animation in your minimap square), I’d love to see this implemented - though preferably not on the minimap, since accuracy bonuses could easily spam the message…


Would this mean it also has to have a popup when you lose a famebonus? :thinking:


sure, it would only apply to accuracy fame bonuses or friend of the cubes or other fame bonuses like that






…that’s one mighty bump. Is there anything else you want to discuss…?


just opinions and stuff


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