Active Guild Recruiting! Guild Pops, PPE Contests, and More!


Zavbot Incorporated

Hi! Zavbot Incorporated is a guild which has been around for a year; we host giveaways, PPE Competitions, Guild Pops, and more. The guild itself is ranked in the top 300. Members come from all time zones and play across many servers. However, our main servers for playing tend to be USW and USW3, while we normally do guild pops in USNW. Our guild runs every dungeon (except void and o3 for now).


  • Must speak English
  • Must be active.
  • Must join discord & read rules.
  • Must participate and contribute to guild activities.
  • It is highly recommended that members have prior experience with end game dungeons.
    - If not, don’t worry, you’ll get it!

How to apply:
Join Our Discord:
If the link is down, just PM an Officer or Leader in-game.

**Joining discord does not necessarily mean you will be accepted into the guild. However, even if you do not join the guild, many of our guild events are public to everyone in our discord. Once you join, make sure you ping an officer or leader to add you.

Looking For Chill Guilds? (US East/US South)



For those interested, we’re going to be starting up a PPE contest this Monday. Buy-in is 2 L. The starting prize pool will be 20 L.


yeah imma join


Just join discord and request to be invited. I will be on in 4-5 hours worst case.


PPE Contest has started btw. Prize pool is about 70L worth of DECAs and pure life. It’s not too late to join in!


Competition is ending soon; the next one will be in a month or so.


Still recruiting btw!


Our guild is nearly full, so I can’t guarantee any spots! However, we’re always happy to include Non-Guildies in our guild’s events and pops!