Adding more dungeons isn't helping


I think many of you either heavily agree or disagree with the title above. However I just want to blatantly post this saying adding more dungeons isn’t really helping this game out. Here are my reasons.

  1. It gets really repetitive
    I know this game’s purpose is to farm dungeons, bosses, and get more loot etc. But this game could be more than just farming game. adding something outside of dungeons, bosses, or enemies could help enhance game experience. It became a memorization game just knowing all the patterns of bosses/dungeons.

  2. Very little to do after maxed
    The most I got was a 6/8 almost 7/8 so I don’t fully know this situation. But I know it would get pretty boring already having every stat maxed and all the gear I wanted. The only other task is get to the leaderboard which could be done by mindlessly fame train which is the most boring thing I seen. I seen other games where even if you get to the highest level and have good gear, you still had stuff to do like PVP (I know deca can’t add pvp but that’s just one of the things other games have).

  3. Speeds the game pace way to fast
    This kind of ties back to 1, but a little more confusing. When I was just starting to farm pots in the game, there was not that many dungeons in the game and the pacing didn’t feel so fast. As the game aged, we got so used to just farming that pot and immediately leaving the dungeon so we could go chase after another dungeon. I remember the little stuff in this game like in every dungeon, we talk a little, brace ourselves for the “tough” dr terrible and say what we got and conversation could spark. More recently it feels like a mice running on wheels. We go in, sit silently by the spawn, rush and kill the boss and immediately leave the dungeon once we got the loot just to do that 100 times a day. The non combat part of the game feels so fast pace because we are focused too much on dungeons. This part probably didn’t make much sense in this discussion or in general.


Now what I feel like adding are some other things. This doesn’t need to be added at all but I urge that more dungeons isn’t helping this game.

  • Gambling (non UT loot, just tops mainly AND NO REALM GOLD PLS!!!)
  • Customize training room to practice certain situations, dodging, etc (for guild purposes)
  • Library (in game library where you can read about the official lore of the game)
  • Quiz (based on official lore and maybe get a fame bonus)
  • Gardening (farm for simple pet snacks and lower tier loot or more)
  • mini games (idk i just added this on here honestly)

tldr: If we want to add something to the game, it needs to be something other then new dungeons or bosses. It’s nice but it gets more stale and people get bored faster.


Please explain what you mean by gambling, and also I think the esrb rating of Rotmg prevents gambling
For the cutomized training room, again what does that entail?
Library already exists
Quiz, it sounds cool, but you need to explain more
Gardening Expand
Minigames explain

Overall, I dont get how adding these seeminglyrandom features will help the game in any way


I’d rather we got the Unity port. New content can wait a bit, but probably Deca needs something new for MotMG.
I agree with @NubieDubie that your ideas need to be explained a bit more. Also there’s enough gambling in this game already.


Googled it and I’m pretty sure there’s no ESRB rating for RotMG, would like to see some evidence or something about that. He probably means loot boxes or something btw, not like poker with realm gold or some shit like that.


Gambling will not be real currency and would just be gear you could farm. Something like a game of 21 against other players to bid on loot.

Training room could help you practice fighting certain bosses, dodging course or just make a silly OP boss (no loot would drop upon completing the course)

I mean like a real library to read realm lore.

quiz would be focused on realm lore

Gardening could be a new concept added on realm. You get seeds from enemies, plant them for harvest and you can get loot.

I think adding something new would help the game rather then just slapping on another boss fight with a small twist.


I also agree w/ @NubieDubie. Your ideas need better explaining, but if I understand them correctly, I don’t really think these would be great additions to the game as oppose to you main argument (focusing on adding more and more dungeons isn’t healthy for the game) wich I completely agree.

I do agree that RoTMG could be much more and branch out of the repetitive dungeon mechanic. We already have enough dungeons and the kind of content that would restart Realm’s flame is, in my opinion, new realms w/ new lores, new mechanics and an overhaul on the game itself to wipeout outdated mechanics.

I digress. Anyway…

RoTMG can be more than dungeons and more dungeons. It’s at least what I expect from the future.




Gambling:It would be too inactive, you can literraly buy most tops for a life or less

Training Room sounds pretty swell( but no op boss)

Theres already enough realm lore, and if you want a library, go to the realmeye page

Quiz sure, but why would ppl do it?

Im not sure about gardening



They had us in the first half not gonna lie… “gambling”


Soooo would you rather it go back to the days of old (I’m talking 5-6 years ago “old”) where it was all the fucking basic dungeons like snake pits, abyss, OT and oryx as the main source of entertainment, with MASSIVELY long periods of time where nothing other than grinding happened? But I ain’t gonna lie, the in-game library would be fucking amazing. And the mini games. But I think we all know that it’s the little things in life, and in video games, that often go unappreciated. So people are like “AwWwh MaN a NeW dUnGeOn, GaMe Is PoPpIn AgaiN.”


The “days of old” you describe, are when Kabam abandoned the community, after implementing pets, leaving the game to die. That is nothing compared to the lively outreach and frequent updates brought about by Rob, Alex, and Amit (Wild Shadow Studios).

Changes to the core game mechanics, new content, and quality of life updates are what continue to breathe life into this decade old game.


RotMG is not a large scale MMO, like WoW or GW2. In fact they’re not even really comparable. But those big MMOs are complex, they have lots of little things in them that can be added to and flesh out; crafting, expansions, story missions, mounts, etc. Realm’s very simple compared to a lot of online games, and as a result there’s not that much you can add or do to it without massively overhauling something in return.
I wasn’t around during the Wildshadow days, but back when I joined under Kabam’s rule, RotMG was pretty goddamn boring. They barely gave us new content, ignored the game and the playerbase more often than not, and frankly it felt like they left us here just to kill us when the money funnel stopped being good enough. Now that DECA’s come in and taken over, the rate of updates, new content, and general Quality of Life improvements are something I never thought I’d live to see. They’ve spent plenty of time, and still continue to spend time, thinking up new ways to add elements to the game, but there’s only so much you can do with the simplicity of Realm’s design.
The game can get very repetitive, yes, but so can any game with some form of grinding in it. Taking from my favorite MMO, GW2, getting from level 1 to 80 is essentially just a week of spontaneous events, simplistic quests, and killing mean monsters. But they make it feel less repetitive and awful by taking what they can and adding some distinctions to it. Gotta grind a bunch of levels by doing the same general actions? Why not at least add a bunch of different maps and locations so it doesn’t feel like the exact same thing, every time. Realm does that, too. Every dungeon feels different, from the theme of the monsters and decor to the way the’re laid out.
I got a little off topic from the actual points raised here, so to shortly address each one:

  1. Yes, it’s repetitive, there’s only so much DECA can do to make it feel less so, and they’re doing plenty of work on exactly that. New dungeons with new themes, enemies, atmospheres, new combat mechanics, plenty of stuff to keep you from getting bored super quick.
  2. There’s plenty to do after you’re maxed. There are ‘end game’ dungeons that intend for you to not even attempt them until you’re significantly maxed. Shatters (kinda), Lost Halls, Thicket, Nest, these are all very challenging dungeons with very strong rewards in return. Even if you max all your stats, unless you’re a 9 year old white star account with UTs as old as the game is, there are going to be gear and skins you’ll want to have, and will have the drive to work towards. Pots aren’t the only thing in the game worth going after, and neither is fame.
  3. This seems more like a personal issue than a gameplay one. People change, and communities do, too. When realm was young and intense, there was more of a fantastic quality to it that doesn’t exist in as high of concentration anymore because the community is still largely comprised of veterans, we’ve walked this walk before, we’ve done this dance already. That doesn’t make it less meaningful, persay, but it’s never gonna feel the same. And that’s a feeling that’s FAR from exclusive to Realm. Play any game long enough, or even just do anything long enough, and the magic won’t be as strong for you. You can’t expect it to be.
  4. Other things:
    A) Realm gold & gambling. No, I completely disagree. Letting people win STs and skins and pet food for putting some money into the game so it doesn’t DIE is not something that should stop. DECA is a business, it needs funds, and these support the company. If the day comes where they start putting UTs in those loot boxes, then we should be concerned. But afaik no company that’s owned Realm thus far has been stupid enough to do that.
    B) Training room. I agree with this, but it’s likely far from something that’d be prioritized as a “this change needs to happen” thing. We don’t need it, if we need to dodge we can try avoiding scorpion shots on the beach.
    C & D) I like the Library and Quiz ideas, I think Quiz would be pretty easy to implement, and as for the library, we literally HAVE a dungeon now with a 2nd boss that does exactly what you want a library to do. Adding some method of getting that eyeball into a guild hall or something would be wonderful.
    E) Gardening would also be cool and likely pretty easy to add, no complaints.


A white that one class can use, one that 3 classes can use, a bad st set and for pots you might get one life and an easy to get rainbow. Not good compared to the others at all.


I think some of your criticism is very valid, there’s only so much that can be achieved by even more loot, even more dungeons. Because either they’re easy to obtain/complete and it’s over soon, or they’re difficult and it’s more of the same grind.

What can keep the game interesting is new mechanics and ways to play, which is why my default answer to stagnation is make more classes as each one allows us to have a whole new experience of the entire game content, if we are given new different things to do versus them. It is a mistake to have again stalled with this side of things after only doing the samurai. A 16th should have followed with either the sheath that was tested, or another complex ability (eg. prisms compared to the many press-space-do-dmg standard).

A dungeon can do this (think barrel mechanic in parasite which makes that a really unique place) and clearly the designers have skills. But it’s only one part of the ‘meal’ to keep feeding us more of the same items.

The Events are certainly letting things down at the moment, it is very uninspiring to have each be variants on “complete many of this dungeon” whether for marks or for a bonus chest.

The pace of the game, I think is okay. It accelerates the longer you play (due to pet improving), so you might here just be naturally moving out of the early game phase. People don’t chat so much when they’re on full grind, and that’s a shame, although it’s actually something that’s improved with the lower sb dmg because if you want now you can hit and then chill out compared to when you needed to hit 100% of the time else you’d potentially miss out. Anyway I’ll stop now.


? what are you on


It changes up the different scenery and kind of dungeons you can do to max a certain stat pot. More than just doing abby for vit and sprite for dex and snake pit for spd.


That was my point, I just didn’t type it out like you did. I personally live for new dungeons and loot. Like, without new dungeons we just gonna farm the same dungeons for years like in them good ole days I mentioned.


I see, just miscommunicate then I suppose!

Though I disagree on what keeps the game alive, you did say personally, and I respect your opinion.


It could be from where I used to play back in the day, but I just love when there is a new monster to kill or a new dungeon to run.


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