Additional Pet Status Effects


Since their introduction as useful entities that could heal, replenish mp and attack enemies, pets have caused a massive shift in the game dynamic, moving the focus from team-based playing to a game which focuses on personal capabilities in competition with others for loot. There have been suggestions to nerf pets in the past, but these have largely been without success, mostly because doing so would be unfair to those who have paid vast sums of money to have overpowered pets that follow them around forever and make the game much, much easier.

As it currently stands, there exists a single pet status effect: Pet Stasis. A stasised pet can’t move, shoot, heal or otherwise be useful to the player, and thus it exists as a great equalizer that requires owners of all pet rarities and abilities to face the same challenges. However, this ability can’t be used liberally because doing so would slow the game down for players who are accustomed to a grind-heavy, fast-paced RPG, and people get annoyed when devs just slap it on a boss and call it done. As such, I propose these ideas for additional pet status effects that could be implemented. I do not currently have sprites for any of them because I suck, but if anyone else with a greater degree of competency in this field would like to give suggestions for what the icons above the player’s head would look like, please let me know.

Pet Sick

Your pet doesn’t replenish your hp. Can be used when devs want players’ hp regeneration slowed down, but don’t want it stopped entirely. This would also encourage the use of support classes like priests, paladins and necromancers. This only affects heal.

Pet Quiet

Your pet doesn’t replenish your mp. Used when permastunning, perma-paralyzing, spam-healing in the damaging water of a certain recently created dungeon and other such capabilities aren’t desired. This only affects mheal.

Pet Paralyze

Pretty easy to understand. Pet doesn’t move, but can still use its abilities. This would affect decoy, electric, attacks far, medium and close, rising fury and savage abilities.

Pet Stun

Pet can’t attack. This would affect attacks far, medium and close, as well as rising fury and electric.

Pet Bleeding

There are multiple ideas for this one.

  1. Your pet gets less and less effective each time it gets hit by one of these shots, reducing the power of each ability use by 5%. It only goes away after you change maps, and affects all pet abilities.
  2. Your pet is weakened slightly (about 20% for each ability), and slowly regains its strength over time.
Pet Dazed

Like the Great Pet Bug of 2017, this would significantly decrease your pet’s ability frequency, affecting all pet abilities. Could be used when devs want people to still have pets, but want to seriously decrease their usefulness.

Pet Confuse

Your pet starts trailing another player (though heal/mheal still boost you and decoys still draw attention away from you). I considered having the pet follow and give aid to that other player, but the possible exploits and resulting chaos are a little too broken for this.

Pet Unstable

Your pet’s abilities get all screwed up (temporarily, or course). Your pet loses all of its abilities, and replaces each of them with a different, set ability of the same level. A 90/85/71 heal/mheal/electric pet, for example could become a 90/85/71 atk far/savage/decoy pet. Heal would always be replaced by akt far, mheal would always be replaced with savage, and so on. This would (potentially) make it easier to program, as well as give players an additional sense of strategy in their choices for third pet abilities (perhaps choosing an ability that would turn into heal when unstable, for example).

Where would these be implemented, and how?

These status effects would be dealt by enemies in the same manner other negative status effects are, through shots and AoE attacks. I personally believe that, like Pet Stasis, these shouldn’t be removable via Puri, Geb tome or Holy Water, just to make sure that everyone would have to endure them. Note that these status effects are not a replacement for pet stasis, but rather would allow devs to make boss fights and dungeons be able to turn off or nerf certain abilities that they don’t want players to be able to abuse, while still permitting others. This gives them the ability to more liberally apply pet-nerfing effects, because each one only targets certain abilities while leaving others active. Bosses could have shots that inflict the status effects to punish players for poor dodging, or they could have them inflicted in the same manner as O2’s new global slow attack to hit everyone. However they are implemented, the goal is to reduce how overpowered pets are in a variety of situations throughout the game while still allowing players who have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to retain their freakish beasts of nature.

Edit: changed stuff with Pet Bleeding
Another, much later edit: changed some stuff with Pet Unstable, removed Pet Weak and did some other random changes.

People have suggested a pet level cap (no divines in godlands, nor in their dungeons, etc.), but what if certain dungeons had a *minimum*?



Maybe your pet starts getting less and less effective everytime you’re hit by this, like 5% less effective per hit, until it becomes useless. Resets if you enter a portal or nexus.


Yo wtf I’m bookmarking this shit since it’s such a national monument in humankind


That sounds like a much better idea (like a kind of accumulative weaken). I’ll add this in instead!


the ideas aren’t bad. but i just feel its too much.

its like not just having paralyze and slow but we have semi slows and such. It feels neccarry for most times. And it was never like rotmg was a very precise game, it was a game based around simplicity.

Conclusion: feel like its too much.


I like this. I like this Ă  lot. But, Ă  few things:
Scrap pet weaken, pet daze should stay
Pet bleeding should take effect if the player gets hit, makes coding less hard.
Pet confuse is a bit… Confusing. Maybe it can be changed to the pet to make the pet wander and only use its abilities within a certain range of the player, say 3tiles for heal and mheal. This means players have to follow the pet to get their insane heals back.
Liking pet unstable!

Overall, me likey


I think perhaps pet bleeding should have some sort of cooldown other than changing map. For example, it could be removed after a set amount of time after the last bleeding shot, so for example if you don’t get hit with pet bleed for thirty seconds on a boss it goes away, OR after about ten seconds of not getting hit by pet bleed, its “intensity” is lowered by one, so if your pet has a debuff of 20%, it would go down to 15%, then another ten seconds later it goes down to 10%, ect.

Also my favorite of these are pet weak, pet sick, pet quiet.


The idea of having more pet debuffs is pretty nice, it would greatly inprove dungeon and boss creation, giving more options to developpers.

Sick, Quiet and Bleeding seem fine to me, although I feel like for Bleeding the shots should take effect when touching the player and the effect should decrease over time. I like @Gidey 's 10 sec delay idea.

In the current way pets are used, I feel like Paralyze wouldn’t do much, except if Paralyze prevented players from gaining hp/mp heals if they were too far from their pet. Because pets aren’t used to deal damage (except electric pets I guess?) I feel like Stun wouldn’t do much.

Like @ArexRew said, I’d scrap Weaken and keep Daze. I feel like it would reduce the strenght of pets at some places, while not stopping them completly. I don’t know about Confuse, but I really like the Unstable.

Overall nice ideas, although the major flaw in my opinion is that it would definitly confuse players. Though, I believe that if these status effects were implemented and well used, they could result in better dungeon balancing.


Thanks for the input, guys!

I have added in the new ideas for Pet Bleeding, and will keep considering possibilities as time goes on and other people weigh in if they choose.

@Scorchmist The idea behind this was that with how important pets are to the game as of now, it seems that they need more attention than they’re currently being given. Adding in new pet-affecting status effects might seem like a lot, but I think that it would give devs way more options rather than just spamming character-inflicting status effects (like in the Daichi or Xolotl boss fights) to make the game difficult for everyone.


I think Pet Unstable would be the most interesting, but the problem is, there aren’t a lot of pet abilities. I only like this so much because it could hurt you or even help you.
Pet Dazed would also be pretty cool.
As for Pet Sick/Quiet, I would like for them to replace Pet Stasis.


The lack of variety in pet abilities would certainly hinder it. Maybe if all pet abilities had exactly one other one that they would change to when unstable? Heal and atk far, for example, could switch between one another, with a pet with one of the two abilities only being able to switch to that designated other ability.


Yeah that sounds like a good solution.


Well, this is quite the bump. (Sorry, I’ve been really busy lately)

I made some suggested changes here and there and removed an ability that seemed redundant. I plan on sending this to the ideas discord to get additional feedback and see if these could potentially make it into the game (not sure that’s gonna happen, though). Thanks for the help guys!


This seems like a very promising idea. I could definitely see this being in the game at some point, in fact!
Surely you wouldn’t mind me using them for any dungeon concepts I may come up with, as long as I properly credit you, right?


Go right ahead!


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