Aeolus is once again recruiting!


We’re a very old guild with players from the Wildshadow days that took a lengthy hiatus before coming back to Exalt. The more experienced of us have had over a year to get back into things, and we do exactly what you would expect a lively RotMG guild to do these days; run dungeons, get phat loot, and bask in our idiocy when we lose a beautiful PPE via meteor to the face during Cosmos.

The majority of us are now experienced with endgame content. We’re friendly, love memes, and are looking to liven things up a little with some new faces.

We enjoy guild based gameplay and often run most mid-late game content as small parties. Private O3s have started making their way onto the menu lately as well since we’ve accumulated quite a large stockpile of runes. Members aren’t required to contribute keys or runes, though that would certainly be appreciated!


  • Have at least 2 8/8s; you should be able to max your characters consistently and comfortably.
  • Show some level of proficiency at endgame content, namely Lost Halls and O3s (IE: Some HP/MP Exalts proving so.) So long as you can make it through, your expertise at them doesn’t matter so much as desire to improve. This will not be strictly enforced, but we will be rather disappointed if you lie. ;-;
  • Be reasonably active. We don’t expect you to devote your life to Realm, but if you just disappear without explanation for 20 days, you will be kicked.
  • Be a decent person. There aren’t any strict rules regarding behavior. We trust you not to be a dick, so please don’t.
  • No hacking. Zero tolerance policy.

How to apply:

PM any of our Officers/Leaders in game, or Darwolf#1113 / Nine#7293 / EggDude#4200 / Bitter#8984 on Discord.

At the moment we have 4 slots open. The last recruitment post drew in a huge amount of traffic, so we’re sorry if we don’t get around to you. You can drop a reply below if that happens, so we know to get back to you.

Happy Realming! ^ _ ^


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