Aeolus is recruiting again (US Servers)


So basically I’ll just sum it up quick. We’re on the path to reviving Aeolus, feel free to check us out as we’re needing more active members. We’re real friendly and got our own guild discord but a few requirements to this.

  1. Don’t be toxic in any form or cheat. honestly the game isnt that hard that you need hacks
  2. If you’re gonna be inactive more than 5 days just know you might get kicked, if so just message back whenever to rejoin
  3. You gotta know how to do Fungal’s, LH’s etc as we’re trying to host guild events and our own lost hall runs
  4. We’d like someone who’s trying to join a guild that’s interactive with each other


  • 10k fame and atleast 5 8/8
    Message me in-game (Darwolf) or leave a message here on the forums. See ya soon!


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