Aethercharged is Recruiting!


Welcome to Aethercharged
We are a guild looking to foster more of a sense of community in the realm experience while keeping things decently paced.

We want players who can get on often and contribute to the sense of community for our guild.
We have a few requirements to join the guild, they are as follows.


  • Be a dark blue star or higher.
  • You gotta have and be active on discord.
  • You must have a microphone for voice channels
  • We are only looking for people who have can speak English.
  • When it comes to stats and gear, we want people who are decently maxed most of the time and rock decent gear. We Don’t want people who are always 2/8 or under with barely applicable gear.
    (Don’t worry too much though because we help guildies with maxing all the time, just know that we aren’t gonna carry you until you meet requirements or anything.)
  • We request that you have a decent knowledge of all god lands dungeons and mid tiered dungeons before considering applying.
  • We have no tolerance cheaters.
  • We have mixed times zones, so just make sure that you convey that to other guildies when you join.
  • Because we are looking to create a community, please be active daily if possible, I would say a minimum of 4 days a week activity should be fine (with exceptions), just make sure you aren’t too spotty.

How to apply:

All you gotta do is either PM me or the founder in-game or DM me or the Founder on Discord.
Founder IGN: Evx
My IGN: Geezburger

Founder’s Discord: ǝʌǝ#3289
My Discord: Froj #5647


Do you absolutely have to use a mic over the discord? I always just use guild chat. I can listen in but I usually never talk over discord