After PT/Ban Wave Updates


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Isint the 2/3 strike and your out idea how most game companies go about bans? I’ve never seen a game just perma ban on first offense for cheating.


Day 14 vault chest unlocker


Couldn’t see the events, image was too blurry


It has always depended on the severity of the hack in my mind. There’s a difference between QoL hacking and Swatsec level hacking, and most companies seem to understand that, thankfully!



Apparently “super duper banned” just means regular ban.


It’s a super duper regular ban :wink:


Wait is that it? Is testing over? This really does seem insanely short to test this amount of updates.


They probably don’t need any more feedback, honestly. They have plenty to work with, even data wise.


I don’t see how that could be possible given the overlapping test matrix of all these changes… Like how did exaltation get tested?

But also, I mean that’s fine as long as they push a 2nd testing build before pushing this to prod… I mean omg, if they push it to prod after 3 days of testing I just would be lost for words…

And furthermore, 3 days just doesn’t even give all the players enough time, some of us work… I think a 7 day testing period for this type of update would be much better.


I don’t know if they have a current plan to finally release all this in prod yet. (I feel you with the work restraints)

I don’t know if exaltation was realistically expected to be fully tested? Like, make sure it wasn’t bugged or something.

Otherwise, is it really necessary to treat some of what they were already? They had some positive feedback, but also some crippling resistance. I’m not posting my opinions here (nor shall I, probably. Not much point in doing so, and it will just spark arguments and bitter feelings), but some people on both sides have come up with some very valid arguments already, and some less so. If there isn’t already some master plans in the works already, they may perhaps be tweaking numbers as we speak.

Wouldn’t it be wise to hold another testing session later after any potential new changes? That could all be a false assumption and they might just plow ahead with the whole thing, but we’ll have to see.


Yeah this, definitely, I would hope they could extend it longer than 3 days too.

But you know, we used to have a testing server that was always online, that always had the developer’s most recent build that was ready for testing. Some players even exclusively played on that server. It was also reset at times, so everyone had to start fresh, that way the testing was genuinely more like a full realm experience. I’m not a fan of this limited testing at all really, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

And I agree I won’t get into good or bad as far as my opinions go (there’s another thread for that XD), but there were definitely bugs in the update as well - so I’d hope even those are fixed for further testing (wismod).


Yeah, that “other thread” has been rather hard for me to read. At least only a couple of people stepped too far out of line. It could be worse. Ah well. I’m prepared to deal with whatever Deca throws at me, regardless of whatever it may be and how logical/illogical everyone sees it.

I’ll let people duke it out, then comment on any official prod updates that may need attention after some time. I needn’t be another voice howling in this raging storm right this minute! -.-


I’ve never seen a company not perma for cheating.


Thanks so much!


I don’t think Realm has the current player numbers to ban 2000 accounts at once, unfortunately. I assume that their goal here is to put a bit of fear in the temp. banned account owners and encourage them to play legit (which some of them may - in fact - end up doing). I don’t think it would be a smart move on their behalf to do such a large ban at this point in time. That being said, I would like to see more powerful bans in place. HWID bans for example. I know a lot of bigger games will permaban cheaters first time around but they are often games with tons of players. According to realmeye, there are 100328 active players but I imagine some of these are bots. If we don’t include light blue stars in the ban, that would be 3.6% of the active playerbase banned. Considering that these accounts were running O3 on flash (according to Deca) we might assume that they are all white stars. if that is the case, then the number of bans of endgame content runners would be almost 50%. (this number would surely be lower if I included yellow stars but I think this may get the point across a bit better).


Endgame accounts, the amount money one spends on realm gold, or the playerbase population do not have a deciding factor on bans. A player’s rank is meaningless when they were assisted by client hacks, both a gross violation of the ToS and a deliriant display of actual skill.

Games with much smaller player bases, have handed out bans on a far less leniant system, TF2 for example.

The current ban policy has been pretty laid out in the past few years, with some sort of warning system. I dislike it, completely, but that’s neither here or there. Of course, with bot spam constantly trying to get new players to download clients, I understand a little of the ban system currently implemented, but I would personally just implement a system against bot spam.


It’s because of how easy it is to fake evidence, on flash clients there has been (and I think it’s still there now) /name [player name] for a while, this displays a player name of your choice client side. This way effectively any hacked client user can provide a recording of someone “hacking”.