After PT/Ban Wave Updates


The detection system involved with this wave of bans was implemented in the server code, independent of user submitted evidence. The infamous programmer 708/12 confirmed this on the infamous website ManyPeopleGoHiking.


I meant as in sending a ticket to support. That was probably the start of the 2 strikes and you’re out system, and I suspect DECA can’t easily change their policy on hackers without backlash.


Are you so sure? Just because they SHOULDN’T be a factor in bans doesn’t mean they aren’t a factor. I can’t understand if you’re trying to rebut a point I didn’t make in my post or if you’re trying to add on to my post in a tangential way. If the former is true, then perhaps note that my post is about why DECA has taken this stance and not on if they should take this stance. If the latter is true, then I feel that some things are misrepresented. A game like TF2, for example, doesn’t really need to make any money to stay afloat while realm does. If it turns out that the cheating accounts are spending substantial money on the game, then a lax ban policy like the one DECA uses is understandable regardless of the moral wrong it presents.


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