Agent of Oryx Weapons


So, the new MT event allows people to collect Oryx shards. When you get a stack you can receive a random Agent of Oryx weapon. Just asking, does anyone have the stats to these items, I want to know whether they are worth farming for.


This doesn’t really telll you the wackadoo amplitude and shot speeds some of the weapons have.


wait where do you find these things


The post KiddForce made, the one at the top of the quote I just put PT: In/Out of Combat System and more!


ok ty


& if you wish to see them all together, they’re on the wiki (only skeleton info at the mo, basically the same info as above as they’re a bit too new to get any usage Notes written on them yet):

Edit: fixed wrong link.


Hate that its a random weapon. We should be able to choose the weapon


Or if they did something at the Tinkerer like:
Give Sword+Wand; get Dagger
Give Wand+Dagger; get Staff…etc
y’know, instead of us just ending up throwing the useless ones on the floor.


Yep. Collected 25, traded them in and got the sword which has annoying as heck shots. I’ll give it a try but I can see why people only seem to be using the dagger mostly, as it the most straightforward upgrade.


Sword’s actually got lower dps than acc/splendor btw. I would not advise using it.


Yeah, I know. Checked the stats in case the loopy shots were balanced by better DPS. Nope. It does have better range than Acclaim. 0.1 squares better range, though any benefit is wiped out by the weird shots, if you have to use what little range you have to line up the shots.


Reminds me of old cutlass actually…
Just a little bit worse than acclaim…


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