AKLDragon PPE Thread


(yeah, I know, another ppe thread)

So I got bored of regular gameplay, so I made a huntress ppe. Turned out pretty good so far…
Stats and loot at level 20

Crystal white at Level 17. I could see my shots doing like 5 damage each ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The General Chat Thread v2

So many ppe threads…


Expo, random sprite star skin and another white by 70 fame
PPE master race


good luck


I hope all PPE threads unlive


I hope you unliven’t


320 base fame and a t7 bow…

I got a griff and t5 trap

Edit: 1 minute after posting this, died


So you want him to live?

Un-live-not double negative


even mine? D:
(its dead anyways, idk why, my ppes so fire)


Well, yeah.


Started a new sorc ppe. Got to level 15 so far with (no xp booster) by just a sand mob I found (OMG it was huge), so bad equipment.

Level 15 equipment

Level 20 loot + stats (thank goodness for ddocks for wand; already better weapon than my huntress). I wasn’t playing risky because rn I am on a laptop with no mouse, just touchpad.

and a few minutes later first white: really nice on ppe sorc


If that was a fulmi I’d be very sad


I got another lab robe, missed the screenshot
Got a recomp

and died again (I’m not very good at ppe’s I guess)


New assassin
Level 20 + loot


And another quick death (wow I got oryx kill though, I did 1 oryx with like 40 people)


Starting off a new PPE right


Level 20


Still get that juicy +1 def


Oh well, he was almost maxed in speed and dex


New warrior