AKLDragon PPE Thread



Exa hp (only took like 3 of every other ring)]

Over 1K base fame, time to celebrate


Here’s a picture of another in the bag


Hmm update on that cland, more of my candy-cursed luck with cc and pixie set st’s


Update: lagged out at 8 crings and no sts or whites (for like the 8th cland in a row)


Hey, at least you got some feed power out of it, so it must have been a good cland! …right?

small, edited in /s


Nah I dropped them, 400 fp isn’t enough


that was a /s moment c:






Dungeons done



Nice, you followed my example and put the stats!

I’m making another TPE and will be doing the same except comparing what I was at level 20 to 1/8 etc.


I’ve posted fame bonuses and some stats before, but this time I added the dungeons completed.


First dblade


2000 base fame!


I’m having bad luckgetting ot’s and ice caves, and getting mana inside them… time for a solo parasite den.



drowning my sorrow with a few drinks. I’m still feeling like doing ppe’s, ive had 2 really good ones that got me more stars also.


wait, like ever? ir just on the ppe?