AKLDragon PPE Thread


ever. i mean, i don’t run too many, but i’ve done about 200, so not lucky.


Update: I’m doing a duo PPE with @Sabbu
I’m a huntress, they’re a wizard.


Sounds cool. Have fun with that!


just a quick update


ye im the wizard




Annnd these came out of nowhere and killed me way to quick at a sarc





You gonna be posting here along with @AKLDragon ?

Honestly that would be cool


ofc my man, but I legit havent gotten anything good yet


Lol alright, good luck on your ppes :+1:


It was a screenshot of him beside AKLDragon


Well that trickster died. Lag spike in a cland, I teleported over a wall and it took a second to register. Dumb death.
I want to play some of my actual characters right now, pots from my ninja helped max other characters.


PPE died too, sneak attack from Garnet Statue. Ill take a break also.


smh no breaks, stay on the grind kids!


hey my wiz died lmao but i started a rogue ppe


2nd Sprite :smiley: