AKLDragon PPE Thread


I hate you with a burning passion. I never got Plane on my Rogue PPEs :frowning:


Well it’s not a ppe, but my new assassin that I’m not maxing has gotten me 2 cbows, 2 csilks and a prot before 100 fame


If ur uss leeching, 100 fame is a LOT.


Well I attempted a quick ppe but it didn’t last


At least it got two whites :stuck_out_tongue:



But why? If your still blue star then clearly you haven’t played that long, yet he’s already ready to spend at least 300 dollars on this game


hes not the only one
seen 19 blue stars with purple


ive seen a 3 star person and a 11 star person




Or maybe you just rarely play other classes


1 star with purple


its pretty obvious he’s a mule of perfect, a white star with the most maxed divine pets ever?




So then, it doesn’t qualify with your argumentors’ point, they are talking about true blue stars (non-mules) while you’re giving irrelevant examples.


its still a 1 star
but whatever, i just wanted to show that


new wizard, i need something to play on besides lh characters and 8/8s and stuff that im maxing that isnt maxed yet



Well the wizard died rushing to oryx, it had a staff by then
new samurai i need stars


I’m not a sword class! Whites are still appreciated