AKLDragon PPE Thread



ugh… just walk on top of me, why dont you


Wanna do a collab? I feel bad with ur ppes so i want to boost u a bit & get somebody to play with


my problem is that i ran into shotguns twice in a row


Well I know why I died now

hmm also 66 stars


Alright, I’ll be samurai for sure




Whoever’s on, lets start
@Diamondest @Ecookied
usw medusa


I’m not atm, I’m coming home from a basketball game and will be eating dinner so I’ll be on later if you will be.




We need to make a discord chat circle thing @Ecookied




Can I join?
Whatever class you want me to except Paden, Warrior or Assassin
EDIT: Nvm I’ll do a knight haven’t hit 2k base on that one yet :wink:


I’m fine with that I guess
We’ll have all 4 heavy armor classes now



Never thought I’d see something quite like a quad PPE. If you guys go ahead with it that would be pretty cool :+1: @Diamondest @Ecookied @Fluffegan Fluffy

me want in


We got to level 20 last night
By which I mean back at 11ish for me, a few hours ago


Well, good luck to the lot of you :smile: i might write some stories about your adventures


@AKLDragon I will be playing the game for the next 2 hours. Monsieur, what server do you want me on?
Care to take our peepees to a void soon?


Idc, ill be on in about 20 minutes though. Im not gonna do voids quite yet, maybe cults though


20 mins sound about right. Need to level doe.