AKLDragon PPE Thread


everywhere is in range for the statues…


First (probably only) white from a red bag and it has to be the one I have 5 extras of…


Just got the 1000 quests complete and the 100 level ups fame bonuses. Now if only I could get an oryx kill…



go solo


Now I can ignore this event

6000 bf


YAY did a ~6 person oryx and finally got an oryx kill


How long do your ppes typically last?


my first few only got to a couple hundred fame each, then I had a couple that got mostly maxed and 1000-2000 fame. This samurai is the longest by far

Timewise, maybe a couple days to a month. This samurai was started around last november, but i barely played january and february


New mystic for maybe 5 stars, nice upgrades at level 10


Here’s my mystic at level 20, some better equipment. I’m going mundane until I would get 2K death fame without mundane, or maybe if I get a good orb (still would’ve had t0)


Bump, may play again at some point


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Thanks for the reopen :heavy_heart_exclamation:
My samurai died a bit after I came back. Pro tip, if you’re curious how much damage the lod miasma does, the answer is “a lot”. Also I dont reccomend walking into it to find out

Also my samurai ended up getting less fame than my 25K with the previous bonuses, despite having 1.5k more base fame


Here’s my current necro ppe! Today I passed 5K base fame and just got it to 8/8. Although I have yet to get a necro top :(
Edit: the to 8/8 picture is too big, heres his most recent white.

Some other career highlights below





Machine spelling spell


wlab waki

leaf bow + st armor

jugg blueprint

Prot + nile (just 1 screenshot

Oryx st tome


I also had a string of UPE’s because I thought it looked fun! My huntress at the top was successful after all the others.


Got 2 whites I’d never gotten before today!

And finally got a t13 robe from O3. Also yesterday I got a t4 skull :roll_eyes: from a sprite or something


I got confused and was going to stay still, but my section started flashing and I must have run in sync with the firewall to get hit a bunch. RIP

Overall I was really happy with that necro, I don’t feel too bad about losing it and it got me some nice things.

Guill has spoken!


Here’s my wizard 1 snake pit, and mwoods later…



After a total of 1 OT and 2 udls (with event), I now have cbow and dbow (and a skin)