AKLDragon PPE Thread


Bouncing back with a upe trix though

First tcave

First sew


Edit: nvm :/ im an idiot


After another attempt at a upe, im going to start a regular ppe trix.
Here’s my set and the 1 whitebag i got with that upe. I actually was getting close to max def but I got cocky.


Here my new trix’s good gear, im happy although I do want a better prism. I love using decoy

and heres loot


Up to 3/8 now!


Here’s another not-very regular dump

I'm now 8/8

And also I have more fame now than my main trix. (just passed 6k)
And here’s my trix upgrades!

Spicy bag

And finally a t5 prism a few minutes ago


Other miscellaneous loot dump

2 sts

'nother prism

After posting: wow that’s a bunch of sts


Yay new ST!

First white from an egg

prismimic, i had been hunting this…

YAAASFJASKHGSJK my curse is over!!! Literally been like 30-40 clands since I got a white. I know they’re tradable now, but it’s the principle of the thing…

Another nice bag!

Some fp x 2

Nice, I needed a doku or reskin

More feed

Dang I want the dagger, not a third prism… but feed at least


Screw oryx lag, came at the absolute worst time with the circling
Now im sad because that’s not a fair death


I tried a sorc ppe that lasted until level 7, now im going back to trix. My favorite class by far


Do mystic


T5 prism yayyyy

i’ll try that one next, it has been a while…


Well I got jumped, it was a long one :confused:


Here’s the other loot I got


I just realized I never posted about this ppe, I had a mystic.


Just maxed to 1/8 vit in that dungeon, I was going to screenshot then thought better of it. But not fast enough, i died lol


I’m going to do a samurai UPE next. I’ve been avoiding heavy armor upe’s but now I/m ready to try.


UPE Gang rise up.


Sadly not a doku


“If only i wasn’t upe”