AKLDragon PPE Thread


Ur bad lelxdddd


Warrior dead to lag with some slightly better equips (t10 sword, t11 armor, meh)
New necro ppe, T1 staff OP Deca pls nerf


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Y e s


Lame ppe skills


and random sb loot here, not gonna use



Acclaim, inc

And 1/8 finally


I got doku but screenshot wouldn’t load. Some more tops too, no necro ones still


I got a cosmic during event, screenshot wouldn’t load. although I mostly played on other characters.





Thanks for the shotgun down 600 hp instantly
also I got oryx slayer once I guess


Thought I’d start a new ppe, no luck from oryx for any ninja equipment, but gotten a few pots.


Decent upgrades, yay a good star


Yay a good ring
I’ve gotten 2 exa speeds but no good hp/def ring until then


You got a -7 speed roll on that ninja xd

Well, not like ninja needs max speed anyway


I’m going to do some more oryx today, still gotten nothing for ninja. Gotten gsorc and dagger and t6 orb/spell

On a side note, ninja is actually really fun, hadn’t played it in a while.


Oryx seems determined to give me anything but ninja gear. 0 from chest too. I got better stuff for me from )1 (a t9 katana)