AKLDragon PPE Thread


YEET finally something nice


2/7 in a wlab

new ring


Doku and 4/8.


me when my character is 2/7 maxed stats


whoops lol
I actually don’t believe in mana as a stat, I have a firm disbelieve in this so called “magic”
I actually hada dnd rogue like that, he believed that his ability to detach his hand was from genetics


6/8 (not 7) and still no armor or waki :confused:
For waki I have mostly been grinding wlab, ive done 18 with most trooms done and none yet
For armor I’ve done maybe 8 cems and 2 clands that I grinded but my cland luck is terrible.
I’ve also grinded the samurai set event bosses, but cyclops is the most common and thats just another katana


And a random ring



Special edition of not my ppe (a rogue for clearing other event quests) but getting yet my 3rd katana from the set


Random loot

YAY first nest white


Literally within 5 minutes of each other.
Cursed libraries done: 10 (drops from minions)
Wlabs done, most with t: 28


7/8 and 2 sts in the same ot!


wtf lol
I’ve done 8 ice caves
I’ve done 9 mts
I’ve done 12 full cems (2 chances at resu) and probably about that many half for 1 chance, so 36 chances
I’ve done 4 clands with probably at least 50 bosses each on average
I’ve gone server-hopping across 80% of the servers and have killed at least 40 phoenix lords, and they are a PAIN to grind

And 2 minutes after I step into my first fungal I finally get an armor lol. Look at the map


wtf deca
i really dont enjoy the new insta-min speed in honey and sand. There goes that character


hollyhock my beloved


So my next one is an assassin UPE again, currently 1/8 vit and no notable assassin equipment yet :/
but some other good loot


New ring! And then another. First ended up as free feed power :man_shrugging:


Your set continues to be very green… :eye: ~ :eye:


Accidently went too close to the worm thing. Right as it died too.


I had made it to 5/8
Here’s my other loot though! I put on a backpack literally 10 minutes before though :confused:


Well rip. cant trust a knight or trickster, and apparently I was in front by .02 pixels