AKLDragon PPE Thread


rogue is a really bad enemy, its killed many many people


Thanks for validating me and my death :)


I had a short lived but rather nice archer ppe that I’m suiciding to make a slot for a guild ppe competition.

After 3 davys…

2 ots…

and 2 wlabs…

I am suiciding him.


Alright I forgot to post anything at all here. My ppe samurai was very successful and just died with 13.6K base fame :frowning:

How I died: In a random mountain temple, I was trying to human decoy so that other people would actually come up and shoot the boss. I tanked too many bullets, maybe weaved into all 3 shots of the shotgun, and there we go! :confused:

Review: I definitely felt sad after dying last night, but after thinking I’m still pretty happy with this. We had a no-discord rule for our competition, but I became 8/8, got tops equal to my main samurai except for shaitans waki (or ut’s that I like better), got my first few samurai exalts (learned fungal a lot better), got 2 new legendary whites and sold extra pots for like 7 decas.
My only regret is that I was at 13.6K/15K base fame. I have yet to hit 5 stars with any character and I thought this would be the first. But overall happy with this.

Here's my highlights:

Slurp knight skin! I didn’t have this yet.

Doku reskin, I like doku a lot and it was nice to get early on.

This tomb gave me some loot, but it was fun because we did it as a trio

First stinger!!! I’ve wanted one of those, it looks sick and I play trix and rogue a lot.

Fancy new pet skin I guess

Crystal Prism! (The original screenshot got blocked by a guildie trade request :p)

Went into a ddocks, by the boss I was solo. I soloed the boss and the wanderer after (Wanderer is SCARY in ddocks)

RIP Samurai. You did well.

The Death Thread
Early game

Chilling on the beach

First St

First white (and usable!)

Getting some good stuff

Maxed first 2 stats

The trio tomb


Finishing touches


sold this for a deca randomly

Still no waki… I ended up forging one under the rules. Wlab waki is unlocked automatically so I didn’t have to find the blueprint, and I used a bunch of crings that I had gotten on the character.


Bunch of random loot

Pretty sprite!

One day I’ll get a warrior st instead…

Back to back sprite whites

(from marks on ppe ofc, that’s like my 3rd robe)

Another cc. I ended up doing like 13 clands

lmao this is the st I got…

acrop from wanderer. Also scary boss here

This waki is actually so OP. 6 seconds of slow?? For 70 mp??

Funny moments (to be added to, class is starting)

Duo’d a parasite, this guy survived the entire way until literally right at troom. RIP

This was not my best play