AKLDragon PPE Thread




tbh just gonna drop it


kinda want to try a ppe, but its so not my style that i dunno…

i mean last and only time i attempted i got to lvl 9… But could be fun.


I mean all of mine sucked until all of a sudden I got kageboshi nile csilk on a ninja


i mean because i never self max my characters, i always buy them or maybe farm a bit on other characters.


Hmm got oryx slayer I guess


Probably not going to last long enough to max life anyways




I’m not using harle yet because my def is still pretty low, and with my op t1 poison I don’t really need the extra mp yet.

Also, no more ranting about puppet luck. People say harle is more rare, but I’m at 3 harle 0 prisms. (even if I do love trickster)




Alright, thanks Oryx


Here’s my ppe vault, with stuff I don’t want to use until I’m more maxed in case I die.



are you signifying it bad rolls?

meanwhile my two backup paladins have -20 and -26 hp


it got -9 hp, but I’ve got a good collection of life from tombs and thickets (thank heavens for safe spots) by now. If I died rn, though, I’d still technically be 0/8


Rare drop