All mystery boxes?


Is there a page that lists all mystery boxes that have ever been in the shop their rewards, and prices as well?

I can’t find any on this. Something like a spreadsheet or info graphic. Checked the wiki, couldn’t find anything .

I just wanna know what mystery boxes exist and at what price so maybe I can await their arrival in the future.


Unless someone keeps a private list which I doubt there is not

The best available is just what you can already see in game

The thing is they are not always one set price sometimes boxes come back at a discount

Deca could make a roadmap of upcoming boxes but I think they would stay away from incase sudden change and given the sometimes explosive nature of the realm community they would probably expect something free to make up for it


most of the boxes don’t come back after they’re taken out, and many of the ones that do come back are slightly modified and listed as a “redux” which may or may not change the price of the box, not all of them are the same.


remember the are not called mystery boxes they are called misery boxes


I spent 12k on mysery boxes pet caretaker box cause I wanted to make another pet since mine is heal mheal atk close and out of 12k gold I literally got like 60 st mark thingies and a couple lv 20 potions… biggest scam ever.


I seem to recall there being a discord bot that would announce new mystery boxes in some text channel on some server. If you could find that text channel, you would see a history of mystery boxes.

It seems to be on the official RotMG subreddit discord server, in the #rotmg-updates channel.


I think it could be interesting to compile some sort of spreadsheet of mystery boxes (the items in them, and the price). Could see how the prices have changed over time :eyes:

However, it’d basically just be drawing from the realmdiscord bot’s posts for the data, and that only lists the top 3 rewards (and not the non-jackpot prizes mystery boxes are full of), since I don’t think there’s any other place where mystery boxes would have been recorded. Could still be very interesting, but we’re out of luck if we want the non-jackpot stuff.


This is the exact idea I’m getn at, now just tryna figure out if it exists in like a spreadsheet form…Dosen’t look like it is though. Might have to pour some time into making my own using official rotmg discord box bot.


I have some useful data on the outcomes of the ongoing ambrosia boxes, but I did not break them into months. They all seem to be the same both in terms of ‘loot offered’ and ‘ROI’. If you are interested in such data let me know, if not, i will continue to collect and keep for my selfish purposes. FYI… probably the best ROI of any feed packages. Even the Ambrosia Decapacks or 5 packs.


I would be very interested in ALL the info you have on these mysterious mystery boxes.


I would also love to hear your findings on this. :hibiscus:


Check you Realmeye mail please, I have sent all my stats to you. Sorry for that long delay, it has been a very busy week for me.


I would also be interested in the data :slight_smile:


@Xandrack @Toywarrior
Send the data to both of you via Realmeye messages.


I’d like that info too, please.

I’m assuming your info won’t carry over for the Super Space Food Box, but such is life.


Amazing breakdown, thank you! :hibiscus:


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