Ally Damage and Enemy Damage


Ever since I accidentally hit “reset to defaults” on the settings menu, ally damage and enemy damage has been bugged. It’s always set to OFF by default but acts like it’s ON every time I boot up the Exalt version, forcing me to turn it on and off just to fix it.


That’s just officially released Exalt™️ being Exalt, you’ll have to turn it off and on every time until it gets fixed (whenever that is).


the same thing happens to me with HP bars on Exalt. i always have to set them to “All” when i play because the client sets it to “Off” every time i start the game.

i’ve pretty much chalked it down to exactly what Niegil said


Ah, I thought it was a “me-only” problem and didn’t bother complaining about it… but yea, ally dmg keeps resetting for me, along with the quest portraits. Might be different for different people


I’ve noticed this problem since shortly after exalt went more publicly available, not just the release, unfortunately.
I have some quick keyboard commands to activate some, but others, yeah… on/off method. What’s strange is that the game (very fortunately) doesn’t reset all my preferences, only a direct few that aren’t as important, but rather convenient.


I get the same bug for realm quest portraits and quest display. Been a problem since supporter beta tho