Alpha's ppe(s)


hi bois, imma post highlights from ppes and stuff. I do tend to die very stupid deaths, so be prepared for some very painful pictures down the road.

edit: I will not be posting all weapon upgrades: maybe let me know, old tops/wc tops post, all whites/sts, potion maxing, etc


ahem it ded


nice you have two dexaltations
See what I did there?


i would have more if i wasnt an idiot.n 8/8 wizzy with fungal spell, and we were at forgotten king, had done this fight so many times i was kinda just movin down when the guards spawned, not looking at screen, not realizing i walked into 4 purple shots and got popped. I shoulda stuck with my hp ring instead of ubatt, but i wanted to get sb lol
RL was silent for a whole minute, ppl were confused


perhaps i should save the ss, and at least max a stat or 2 b4 posting
i keep doing dumb shit lmao


Can we please fix the servers? I went to oryx castle right after this, screen froze and got instaed bruh


You know having too many kendo sticks is bad? You reach the luck limit and it overflows to bad luck again :pensive:

/s of course


well yes
i was collecting them for a giveaway quest
but i missed it so i kept em there :v
ppl bought kendos while i farmed to lvl 7 off a fresh char lmao


Sorry if this seems a tad intrusive, but I’m curious as to why you delete your posts so often :thinking:


b/c every time i feel just a bit confident in a char and take an ss, i lag and die 5 minutes later. thinking of not posting anything till i start maxing lmao
no enemy was near me, max hp, next second go bai bai


mood :pensive:

If youre still on in a while I might hop on if you want to duo ppe


aight sounds good :slight_smile:


you don’t have to delete your posts if you die



nice! I love(d) playing with that wand


csword picture corrupted


it has died again. nexus button dont work