Alternative to the forge system


Instead of a forge system that allows you craft UTs with other, less useful, UTs and everyone and their grandmother complain it feels cheaty, what if we made UTs tradable?

Think about it, this way players would be able to decide what UTs are worth so nobody will be able to get, say, a prism of dire instability with 18 crings (unless the other guy REALLY wants those crings). Plus you would be able to sell UTs you don’t use for pots or something, which is also pretty good.

We may need to come up with another meaning for UT, since it means “UnTradable” and I am proposing to make then tradable, but we can redefine it as “Unique Technique” (as they usually have a unique playstyle, and the name has a nice rhyme to it) to keep it as is.

I think this idea would be a more organic way to reduce the grindiness involved in acquiring UTs, since it uses a mechanic that already exists in the game and we could do away with the blacksmith that nobody really likes anyway.

(I know this would have been better posted long ago, but I wasn’t playing the game when the forge was introduced)


I have 2 objections even though it’s a nice idea. First, ut means untiered and duping is still a problem in this game therefore the value of the uts will decrease and they won’t feel special. Second there would not be a mark involved like you need when ut forging because I feel that you at least need to conplete the dungeon you want to trade your uts for. Which means that dupers can’t just give out divinitys to beginners.


UT stands for “untiered” not “UnTradable”. In fact UTs were tradable for 3 years(2010-2013) before Kabam decided to make UT items soulbound.

UT weekends in the past showcased how unstable the economy would be if UTs were tradable due to duping outbreaks.

This idea wouldn’t be organic at all. RWT companies will simply dupe UTs making the whole notion of acquiring UTs feel more artificial than organic.


3 words: RWT go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Gonna disagree man, RWT’s can dupe those items and render their values obsolete, just like what is happening to Deca rings (other UT’s) and several items.

Again, RWT does more than just duping but that is another topic.


I heard duping was a problem back in the flash times, and you would think that deca would fix their game instead of adding a whole new mechanic to avoid doing just that, but I guess that’s expecting too much from them.


Not that. Everytime obvious duping method gets fixed, new one emerges. And even when this game get ported into Unity, it is still a big issue.


Duping is still going on, reportedly. It’s very hard to eliminate given the architecture of the game, which would be a massive undertaking to fix.

And even if they could finally fix duping, making UTs tradeable is a bad idea for other reasons. It would reward players who had been duping and stockpiled rare items. It would especially benefit RWT sites, who would have more reasons and resources to run bots promoting their sites.

Most importantly having rare SB items is part of the game now. Having e.g. a particular white or set shows you’ve gone to the effort to collect it.


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