Am I going insane?[op was encountering a possible leftover from the 2021 arg]


The short answer is yes. But aside from my normal lunacy, I have recently noticed something very odd that I have niether encountered before, or been able to find on the wiki.

I was grinding through a bunch of sprite worlds with my trix and every once in a while, when I entered the boss room, the bossfight would be a little… off. It didn’t seem like a bug, but basically when I entered the boss room something like 15+ portals would appear and dump out a bunch of sprites. This included (unless I’m mistaken which is likely) some of those larger sprite god things, which don’t normally spawn from portals. For the first phase, instead of her normal attacks, limon would fire a spiral pattern of 9ish-shot shotguns, and periodically fire an omnidirectional burst (looked like a spellbomb) centered on herself, of shots that I swear aren’t on limon’s wiki page and don’t look like any spell projectiles i’ve ever seen. The rest of the fight was the same.

Has anyone else ever experienced this, or am I just completely losing my mind from doing so many sprites?


that’s normal if you dont kill any sprites before activating limon


Yeah, I believe what BaconSM is correct, based on my own experiences with rushing through the dungeon with a Trickster.

As an aside (and I had to un-equip my pet to verify that this was what she was doing), Limon will also follow you around passively, so long as you don’t harm anything! It’s kind of cute.


Thanks. I’m glad to announce that I’m not (completely) insane! (yet) Good to know.


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