Amaterasu Range Incorrect - and unusable near walls


Is it me or is the range of the Agent of Oryx Waki - Amaterasu incorrect. It seems more like 5.3-ish tiles rather than 6.2. Unless the 6.2 is referring to the circumference of the circle and not the center of it…

Also, this is a general problem with wakis but is worse with this one - you really can’t use it within like 3 tiles of any wall or corner, rendering it completely useless in those (many many) situations.

See image attached.screenshot


Yes, I noticed that with the walls. At least with a normal Waki you can work out which side it comes from and steer away from walls on that side. It even adds flavour, as in reality if you were using a slashing sword you would need space to slash from.

This though it’s basically unusable in dungeons with small rooms – all of the Abyss, most UDL rooms, much of Para Chambers. Even dungeons with large rooms like Tomb you have to stay away from walls and can’t use it in corridors.


That is 6.3 tiles, your character hitbox is at the bottom of the sprite.