Among all the items that you use, which one is your least favourite?


Honestly, I gotta say T6 tome. I just don’t always want speedy. I suppose I could use a T5 tome but I want that 1 sec of extra healing and that fame bonus.


Ngl I like using t6 tome, speedy doesn’t bother me too much


After a lot of practice you kind of just know where the stasis stops and curse-only begins

Contradictory to what op said, I hate the Mwoods orb, sure it has it’s uses, and is technically able to aim curses easier, but being unable to do a ranged stasis just feels kind of like a heavy crutch


definitely mushroom tome on paper it seems really good but its honestly pretty meh due to the 10 person limit and low range compared to even a t5 tome




I hate the big ST shots too…


I hate the whole alien gear thing because I don’t like the sprites for most of them. I’d rather use the non-reskin versions even though alien gear has op bonuses.


i feel the opposite- I think it’s an interesting mechanic that makes aiming with mystic a little more dynamic and mindful.

out of the items i ACTUALLY use, I’d have to say that both Orb of Aether and Soul of the Bearer are beginning to grind my gears. Aether’s annoying because it just generally feels clunky- i wait for half a second for the aether wisp to actually do anything after it’s spawned, and then another 5 seconds before i can do anything else. Still, as it has a niche that’s irreplaceable by other orbs, it deserves a pot in my swapout list. Soul of the Bearer’s 5 second cooldown has always bugged me, but after having Conflict for some time, I find it difficult adapting back to having to prioritize other orb casts before the ST orb to ensure that the cooldown doesn’t interrupt anything more important.

another item that i use but dislike would have to be Soulless Robe. It’s a strong defensive robe sure, but it generally has worse stat totals than any of the other robes available at that level of play. I tend to enjoy tiered robes because when you actually value the bonuses provided (ATT/MP/WIS) they are actually very efficient, stats-wise. Whenever I run soulless on a mystic, I can feel my curse getting worse compared to a tiered robe mystic.


Sometimes I love it, it’s great when I want to be fast af, but sometimes I just want that extra healing and being speedy aint the move.


ngl puri is my main tome


same, the only thing in the tiered reskins is the t11 christmas wand.


Cutlass, or pretty much any any sword that sacrifices range for dps; I prefer to stay as far away from enemies as I can, thank you very much.


Yo hate the shooting pattern of tiered daggers? You mean a straight line? What?


imo cutlass barely has a range reduction and extra dps is always good


Of course, the pirate king himself defends his own white bag.


all hail

We kiss the muck in which you tread, O exalted lord


I am the kind of player who tends to gravitate towards an A.S.S. over acclaim. Range, imo, is good.


Range over damage, unless extremely excessive.


I do have exceptions to this rule, particularly when whatever I’m fighting happens to be especially weak, but that about sums it up.


Tezcacoatl’s Tail, I feel like 33% RoF for an item that doesn’t pierce is way too low