Amulet of Resurrection


I Remember this Cem Ring Slot Item, and i Think Deca should Rework This, i Find it Useless in the Cem Dungeon cuz the Passive of the Old Item itself is Gone if Deca can’t bring the Old Amulet Back, might as well Rework it i mean come on Some Items in the Game is Already Reworked How but This One :3


I personally feel that the Amulet is fine as is. Sure, it’s a bummer for those who remember it in its glory days, but the early experience level at which you are capable of fighting the bosses which have that as a drop seems like it should reflect the kind of semi-rare drops too.

Besides, Ammy and Omni are the only ones that have a general stat increase, and where else would you want put the minor stat buff item? That “generalized buff” strategy (no matter its perceived usefulness) should exist as an option for newer players.

As a parting question, are you suggesting a rework as in, buff all current stats by x2, or something that could rival the old “zombification” effect?


The Amulet of Resurrection has no place in this post Wild Shadow era game, along with the Cursed Amulet of Resurrection or the Cursed Amulet of Zombification.

However, the Amulet of Dispersion is a fairly balanced early game ring. If it were to be tinkered with, I would increase the stat bonuses to +2 instead of +1.


Yes bring back the zombification ring


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