An honest, thoughtful discussion regarding UTs


Hmm, great point, but a feature like letting UT’s tradeable again could help newer players get hard to get items to teach them how to use them and people have all these garbage UT’s that someone else might find them useful to be used, Deca should make some weaker UT’s tradeable not the powerful ones!


Then again on my point, any UT can be useful it depends on the player!


Even if duping and RWT weren’t factors, UTs being soulbound would still be one of the best things ever done for the game. If you have something like a Void Bow, that should rightfully be evidence that you overcame an endgame challenge (likely many times over) and earned that item. If you can obtain high end items just by farming enough abysses to merch your way to success, that would be a disgrace to RotMG’s core gameplay loop.

Whether or not the current loot system adequately rewards persistent grinding is a whole separate discussion, but I absolutely cannot see an acceptable reason for why UTs should ever be in the hands of those who didn’t actually play the game.


I wonder if people who want tradeable UTs have ever played a game other then rotmg?

rare and power items being untradable is in almost every online rpg you will play

really UTS being unsb for the time they were really spoiled and diluted the minds of many players.

Really there is not an argument to be had

  1. Assuming you even have useful UTS, this would only benefit players with a lot of useful an valuable UTS

Also back to the every single game thing, like in almost every rpg, sometmes you will just have items you can not trade. This is for some reason alien to some realm players

  1. Yes it would make them easier to obtain, though honestly that seems like an argument against it. Being able to buy the best items in the game is a bad idea and I can not see how it would help the game

  2. Would it really bring back players and if so thats sad people would only come back when they do not have to play the game for items they can just buy them. I mean whoever heard of playing the games for the items you have.

This is a comment regadring runescape but the same applies here and something else to consider

If can just buy whatever UTS, some people would never even touch certain dungeons.

Really it just decreases playtime in general


I find it weird that barely anyone mentions the fact that Deca sells STs in mystery boxes, which on the way they work compared to tiered items, they could be easily labelled as UTs. Not to mention STs are generally rarer than the own dungeon’s UTs.

I’m extremely against on selling STs on mystery boxes, especially now that Deca STs are soulbound, so you either farm the hell out of a dungeon to get a piece of the set, or waste your money of these mystery boxes, you can’t tell me that’s not basically selling UTs for money.

There’s an aspect that is underlying on this argument between UNSBing UTs or not, and that 's the horrid loot system we have, first of all, we don’t know the drop rates (I remember Deca said something “There’s no point” or something like that, which i find stupid, considering there’s no rates shown on their mystery boxes to begin with), second, there’s only ONE way to obtain loot and that’s achieving the Soulbound Threshold, it doesn’t matter how much damage you deal, how much you heal or buff your fellow allies, how many bullets you’ve dodged, nothing of it matters, and that causes the foolish mentality on most of the community where “More damage = more loot” or even “Less people = more loot”, no wonder the community is considered really toxic, with this unrewarding and random system, it doesn’t surprise me.


It’s annoying to get St’s I’ve gotten more whites than orange bags meaning the St’s could be considered rarer by people like me


The reason why I would heavily dislike all uts being unsb’d, is that it would take away one of the last remaining goals for the “high end” players. Currently a ring of decades goes for like 14 lifes, even though it doesnt drop at all, so we can surely assume that an item that actually drops in the game wouldn’t be much more expensive. I guess that there are about 20 more uts I would like to have. So to buy all of those I’d need 250-400 lifes. In the current game I should be done with that in 3-6 months (assuming I can get myself to seriously playing again). Afterwards there would be absolutly no reason for me to play the game anymore and Deca would have one less costumer.

What could see working is uts from gland dungeons (except fulmi and resu maybe) and cswords being unsoulbounded.

@unicorn there were two ut weekends, one in july or august 2013 and one a few weekends later after the swatsec incident.


I have a question for you all: which do you think is more elite, the Helmet of the Juggernaut or the Helm of the Jack’o’naut?
(This is important to the point I want to bring up)

  • Jack
  • Jugg

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I myself am against trading UT’s as for me personally I like earning the cool things by doing the difficult things that earn you the UT’s in the first place. This is a heavily flawed perspective in realm due to pets making most things insignificant and discord groups making all the harder things pointless. However, I do agree UT’s do need more uses; perhaps there could be a armourer in the daily portal that allows you to trade in UT/s for UT Shards. Dependant on the UT the armourer could give a different amount of shards (EP 1 shard, Orgmur 10 shards) and at 20 shards you can hand them in with a dungeon mark to receive a random UT from that dungeon.

For example trading in 3 EP’s, 2 Planewalkers, 1 Mad Robe, 1 Fulmi, and an Orb of Conflict with a Forgotten King mark would give you a Bracer, Gemstone or Crown. This would give you something to do with unwanted whites and you would still have to complete the dungeon that you want the white from to show that you can actually do it. It also means that there is still a little bit of grinding because you may not get the white you want from the first attempt.

The awkward part would be choosing what is included and what is not as I have realised while writing this that UT does not equal white. It’s obvious you would include every white bag drop (that I can think of) but what about the other UT drops? I can see people farming for 30 snake skin to trade for a omni ring. I would like to hear peoples thoughts.


Hmm, my argument to that will be based on this following point:
1)Reskins, such as the jugg reskin, are generally viewed as less valuable than their actual counterpart.
(Also, kinda necessary but assume duping and RWT’ing is dead- I know its not but it’s kinda necessary)

What if a boss that dropped a white bag also dropped a tradable version of it as a reskin? That way, people who have the actual white bag would know that it’s the real deal, and the tradeable version would be for people who only care about the functionality of an item?

Also, if you’re concerned about the math, cutting the droprate of original white bag in half and slotting this in to the other half should do the trick


i have a feeling you might be wrong here(about “it doesn’t matter how much damage you deal, how much you heal or buff your fellow allies, how many bullets you’ve dodged , nothing of it matters”) because when i run pub lh i get like 2 or 3 pots while once when 3/4 of the group got gangbanged by 2 crus and a spookies and the group size went from like 80 to like 24 i got A LOT MORE items from boss i got like 2 tops and like 5 pots


Really? Why do you think most people want this? I see no evidence of it, just a few people like yourself making the same points over and over again. In reality I think most players don’t care anywhere as near as much as you do, given how much you’ve written. I e.g. have more Sphinx rings than I will ever use, so fed the one I got today. But I still do Tombs for the other UTs, the STs and life pots. And as public Tombs are a a blast to do with a lot of other players.


It’s because of this point I stopped advocating for UT weekends. Just because UT weekends would be something people theoretically want doesnt mean that people actually want them.


I think the only reason to want tradable uts is the fact that a player that plays for 7 years still not having dropped a conflict or cdirk, but, for example have dropped not 1, not 2 or 3 but 5 bulwarks in a space of 5 months, last year (this is my case, although I don’t want tradable uts)

Deca needs to start doing events every month, or every 2 weeks, where the players with highest points get one top event ut, like juggernaut or ogmur, and the ones with lower number of points get a lower ut, like conducting wand or fulmination.


They already do events though, including ones that give you access to some of the best UTs in the game. Except they are reskins, of the Bulwark or Jugg or QOT or Leaf Bow. Which is better, as it keeps Event UTs as rare drops you can only get one way, while letting you experience playing with them in re-skin form if you are lucky, or grind enough tokens, during the event.

The other major thing they’ve done is release new content. New UTs and STs which give you even more options for playing a char, if you haven’t yet gotten that event UT. DECA just added partial set bonuses, making many STs more interesting and worthwhile. There’s more due soon, with the new dungeon dropping new items, new sets for the Archer and Ninja.


I’d like occasional UT weekends, possibly twice/year for winter holidays and MOTMG, but the problem with duping needs to be solved first.

If we make the hypothesis that there’s 0 duping, then I’d really like to give away my lbows, skulls of esben and cutlasses. For free even, if people ask nicely.

There’s no offer that would make me trade my cdirk, conflict or ogmurs.

I don’t think the devaluation of prestige whites would happen very fast, because I don’t expect other players to be willing to give away their event/ LH whites so easily.

Also, I feel for players that haven’t had whatever white they want in years (cdirk was my first event white on a 3/8 mystic that hit the cube once/twice, conflict shortly after and I didn’t know a white could drop from the skull shrine – same for my first ogmur, but I didn’t pick it up, so that put the universe in equilibrium again, but anyway what I mean is it’s RNG, not skill or dedication).


The only time deca should ever consider a UT weekend (It should also be limited so duping mules can’t trade/be traded UTs) would be during Unity release (i am assuming that unity release would come with a motmg style event to bring players back even more)


stolen from some cool dude.


Maybe a system like CS:GO, with wear. So everyone will know that this was not earned.


The prestige isn’t what matters, it’s the functionality. If you’ve never run a Lost Halls in your life, you shouldn’t have the privilege of using something like an Omnipotence Ring just because you farmed enough life from easier dungeons to purchase it. As it stands, UTs are pretty much the only thing in the game you still need to earn. If you take away the soulbinding limitation, this will quickly turn into Realm of the Mad Merchant.