An honest, thoughtful discussion regarding UTs


Yes, that’s why UT’s aren’t tradeable.


Ok we get it but why not make lower level dungeon UT’s unsoulbound so that lower people get a taste of Ut’s or you could create a day where you can try out Ut’s that you would get late game!


Lower level dungeons are perfectly grindable Edit: easy and most seasoned players are already familiar with those UTs.


How would that even work? You’d buy a UT from a duper Edit: or the nexus and it would disappear the next day?


In a scenario where there’s no duping, would you really sell your Omni? I mean, you’ve run enough LH to have an Omni to spare and still need life?


A Ut day like that is where there is a free package that has a random it that could only be used in a special test room and would disappear after you leave!


I think this is more about duping being bad than soulbounding being good.


Different events. Not boring chest event or shards events. Events with leaderboards that can boost competition in this game.


You bring up a very good point and I thoroughly agree with you. Essay incoming:

With duping out of the picture, which would be practically impossible, since they’d have to wipe what already exists, and assuming there were items that had sums of high amounts of life to trade for other items worth high life (since even 8 Decas isn’t gonna come CLOSE to the value of an Oggy or something), despite these two scenarios probably never occuring, I don’t think it’d break the game.

I mean, most of the points people make against Tradeable UT’s sum up to: “a blue star could be walking around with a Jugg just cuz he farmed a lot of easier dungeons for it.”

First of all, hyperbole. To be more realistic, who in their right fucking mind would sell a Jugg?! The only people who would, would sell it for an Oggy or something. And in that case, if you have an Ogmur, and want a Jugg cuz you hate the Knight, then boom! This makes the game so much more fun and coop based, since other players may have what you need.

“But what if some noob just melts his brain away grinding easy dungeons and buys a Void Bow (or any item from a relatively difficult dungeon)?”. If that’s a genuine question, then answer me this: “Who would sell a fucking Void Bow anyways?”. If I have one super rare item, I, personally, will not even use it, let alone sell it. I will vault it until I grow some balls OR until I get another one. In that case, I will USE the Void Bow, since I have a fail safe if I die with one of them.

However, I still wouldn’t sell a Void Bow at that point. Since if I had 2, minus one from selling it… well now I only have one again, don’t I? And if I die with that, I’ve lost the ability to use a Void Bow for a very considerable amount of time. AT THE VERY LEAST, if you had 3, then maybe you’d sell one… but who’s really getting 3 endgame whites here? And if you somehow are, then congratulations! Go ahead, sell it! Most likely, what are you gonna sell it for? 200 Life? Well, if you’ve gotten 3 Void Bows, you probably don’t need life anyways… oh… wait a minute… you’d probably just sell the item for another top tier item, like the Void Quiver, right? Another item that a noob “shouldn’t be able” to get their hands on… so then what’s the problem here?

And if you’re afraid of noobs getting amazing items just cuz they farmed easy dungeons and paid up the ladder, then your fear is unjustified. NO one is gonna sell them these amazing items, unless the noobs have amazing items themselves. Even if they played for only 2 hours and got an Ogmur, they have every right to use that wealth to their own benefit, SINCE THE GAME IS ENTIRELY RNG BASED.

Noobs won’t get amazing items just by selling a lot of shittier items, since the shittiest item that a noob can “reliably” get and trade for an endgame white, is a Potion of Life. No amount of these, even if you condensed them hard enough (since as I mentioned, the value of some of these items goes beyond what you can trade in 8 - 16 spots), would get you the item you want. If you’re complaining about Ogmurs and Juggs going to noobs, then you’re literally complaining about RNG, cuz think about it: if I farm 1000+ Abysses, trying to get enough wealth to obtain an Ogmur via trading… the amount of effort and time (which in a lot of situations determines the value of an item) that I spent grinding the Abysses, is probably the same or similar amount of time I’d spend grinding for an Ogmur. And don’t even try to fuckin’ tell me that LotLL’s are more difficult than Abysses; skill is not a factor in this case, and time spent is equivalent. The value of an item is determined by the playerbase, and the players won’t undersell their uber rare item, they’ll try to sell it for (ideally, since in real life, this is how trading works) something different, that has the same amount of value as theirs, whether that concerns the time spent finding or creating the item in question.

In every situation, there seems to be no problem. If you’re worried about people getting items from difficult dungeons despite them never having tried them, then that’s already illogical, since no one is selling these endgame items for most midgame items, since they have no need for them (most of the time, and there isn’t enough space in the 8-16 spaces of trading for items of lesser value to be equally traded for these endgame items). And if you’re worried about people trading MANY items of high drop rates, for fewer items of lower droprates, and making a profit, well then we might as well just fucking remove trading as a whole shan’t we? I mean, they still worked for those lesser valued items, even if they were “easier to get” (which makes no fucking sense, the whole goddamn game is RNG).

IMPORTANT: Despite all the reasoning presented, If you still don’t agree with me, then I’ll just be compliant for a moment and try to reach a compromise. So, I’ll say this: Put a cap on trading UT items.

UT’s would still be different from normal items, not cuz you can’t trade them, but because they still hold some restrictions as to how they’re passed around. There are so many different ways to go about this:

  1. You can only trade with (x) amount of UT Equipment in a month/week/etc. This time frame would refresh of course, acting as a weird hybrid of a UT weekend and an event. You could still trade UT’s all year round, but you just couldn’t trade too many of them within a small time frame, adding a new layer of depth as to when you want to sell your items to deal with demand of other players during the same time.
  2. Certain items cannot be traded (I really fuckin’ hate this alternative, since it’s literally the same problem with Deca just deciding some items are “too good” to be tradeable).
  3. You can only trade UT’s for other UT’s (again, an alternative I don’t like too much, the best one is easily the first one).

The list goes on.

TL;DR: Trading for UT’s is completely fine and balanced, because effort and time isn’t lost in basically every situation. However, restrictions would be advised, as to avoid some sort of oversight from me and to appease to the masses. All of this is, of course, theoretical. Duping would need to be fixed, items would need to wiped, and too much stuff that has already been ingrained within the game would need to change. Nonetheless, logically speaking, it makes sense to allow these items to be tradeable.


To those saying that they wouldn’t sell their rare items: you might not, but there are plenty of players who would, if offered enough. And there are plenty of players who would give them enough to make it worthwhile.

And it only gets more probable as more and more people start selling them; once people realize they can get another omni later if they want, they will be far more willing to sell theirs.


You will need to describe these not-boring events as I am having a hard time imagining what you mean.

The biggest flaw though, no matter how not-boring such events are, a single UT prize for topping a leaderboard is a very bad idea. The prize might go to the person who does the most mindless grinding over the event, or to whoever discovers the best exploit to boost their score. Worst: whoever wins it means a whole lot of people miss out, and their efforts go to waste. That’s the sort of thing that causes players to quit.

Tokens you can collect them while just playing the game. Whether you just play normally and collect enough for the smallest/a single reward, or spend the event grinding away to collect enough for the best items, is up to you. You choose how you play, you choose your reward, you are not going to be beaten to it by someone else.


That’s true, different people will see things differently, and some will just enjoy giving away rare items for fun.


this is unrelated but how do you even dupe lol i haven’t had any friends who dupe. is it like a forbidden thing to talk about unless you’re a duper? anyone i ask say they don’t know how so im confused

Im not a duper and will not dupe. I’m just curious to know because i have no idea how you would even do that


I don’t know either. I think it has all been dealt with now, and accounts for some of the restrictions in the game, such as no trading after the Realm closes.

But even if it is over, the fact is it was a major problem in the past. UTs that are incredibly rare could be easily duplicated then stored on mules in unlimited quantities. Making UTs tradeable would let people sell these archives of duped UTs. So hackers would be the main beneficiaries.


Selling WORKING dupe method, $400 OBO @Unicorn

Idk how duping specifically works nowadays, but here’s some vague descriptions of older dupe methods that worked in the past (hope I’m not breaking any rules here). All of them involve tricking the servers to think that an item exists in two different places at once. One of them involved reloading muledump while entering another area, which would result in the item being in your vault and your inventory. Multiple methods involved crashing realms, in which case the servers would “roll back” any items were on a player in the crashed realm (and different things were done to trick the server into rolling back an item that was already existent thus creating a duplicate).

See in this statement itself, you validate the premise you build your argument upon (i.e. the fact that the idea of “rarity” does exist, and even if it’s not quantifiable because you do not know the exact number in-game, this does not invalidate that an item is rare). You are saying “yes, there used to be only 3 people in the entire game with a gentleman skin” but that you didn’t want to waste energy whining about it because it would be unproductive. Actually you further prove this point when you talk about pumpkin jugg later on and how it “…may not have the prestige it once had, but the accomplishment of getting one during Halloween 2017 is more than enough for me”. Apparently there was greater prestige in possessing a pumpkin jugg pre-Halloween 2018 for some reason…nope, definitely not because of it’s rarity and effort it took to get it!

Do you know what else has subjective value? Every collectible in history. If the things weren’t “rare”–even by your definition of rare where people cannot exactly quantify the rarity of their item–they would not sell for such high prices.

I would also argue that you are wrong when you say that UTs don’t have value in the economic sense. That’s a skewed approach since you can’t trade them now…but you used to be able to trade them. Moreover it’s not like they’re vanity items, most of the pricier UTs such as jugg do have intrinsic value albeit not economic value. Just like what happened with the Ice Cave event; I don’t mind everyone running around with vanity ogmurs but if every damn enemy in the game is perma-armorbroken, that affects how the game is balanced.


yall got big brains im just gonna let this topic play out but thanks for the replies lol i still wouldn’t have been able to do it when they did work. it seems complicated


I’m not so sure, where do all the deca rings come from?


Well. Everybody who participate would get an ut. But you are still right that players winning the best uts would be the ones that already have those uts, because they grind a lot.

Not boring ut events with leaderboards would be doing a specific challenge that deca still needs to add on this game (with unity), like the dungeon rush or a new reworked arena, all without pets to be more fair to everyone.

I would say pvp, but that wouldn’t work very well either way.

The guild with more gods killed (for example) recieve the uts for all it’s members (the prize wouldn’t be a jugg in this case, but maybe a Shatters or LOD white)

Also the player with the character that has more fame alive would win a certain ut, at the end of the month, but already participating on the event would give you a certain ut. And deca would make ranks for the events, like 10 different ranks, with 10 different rewards.

A ppe or npe competition.

Something that involves competition and ranks on the leaderboards. Some events allowing pets. Some not allowing them.

Also, you are right about tokens. It’s better to keep them.
Maybe just keeping everything but also adding those new event would be even more interesting.


I think you can’t dupe now but I”m pretty sure it was possible until recently. People waiting for the Realm to shake then trading was I think one way, based on the trading restriction in place now. Given that UTs have been SB for a very long time, what is the most valuable thing they could they trade and dupe? Deca rings.

Apart from that they are not that uncommon a drop. I mean I’ve two Deca rings at the moment, one from trading and one I got from Oryx 2’s chest in MOTMG. If I can get one from there, players more dedicated at grinding O2 could get more.


The thing about Deca Rings if that they don’t drop anymore, which makes the duping problem really obvious, i mean, there’s a bunch of deaths daily and most of the characters have Deca Rings on them, yet they seem so “common” on USWest2, so farming for Decas isn’t a real thing. So only during events they are obtainable.


Tbh I’d rather think that RWTers use duping, not slave labour to farm items!