An Idea for forgable consumables


Forgable consumables:

I literally dreamt up this Idea and want to share it. It didn’t seem terrible (usually my dream ideas are like “Scat + Barbershop quartet”) and it’s similar to mechanics in a lot of other games.

With the new consumable quick slot changes I want to use more unique consumables, but I find it annoying to collect them sometimes. Particularly grinding a full stack of speed sprouts because it feels like their drop rate isn’t all that common.

There are a couple of ways to do this, the simplest way being to just require having a mark from the respective dungeon and having all recipes unlocked. They would be forged with normal materials, though possibly just one UT’s worth for a stack (i.e 8 speed sprouts for 15 silver) and maybe not using legendary in any case (though I don’t have much experience with many endgame consumables).

What do you think. Is this too powerful, too expensive, not needed or doesn’t fit? Would it change your usage of consumables and which consumables would you forge the most?


Not saying that your idea is bad but uh… it’s kinda weird to use forge feed for consumable in the 1st place.


isn’t this what nil drops were meant to be, until deca realized they weren’t profitable enough and basically gave up on the idea?
Yea I know nil drops were meant to forged with only nil shards, and you’re talking about consumables in general, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be 100% sure how this would pan out. Items such as the tinc of courage and effusions in general would have to be A or S tier or else people would be running around with effusions and destroying dungeons. I’m not even begin to think about how broken superconsumables would be if they were forgeable, even if they were S tier. On the other hand, it is annoying to try and look around for att/dex tincs and other weaker consumables, so maybe you could only be allowed to forge weaker consumables, although I don’t know if that’d cause any other issues.


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