An idea to fix spambots


I think it already does it to some degree, limiting the amount of times you can spam the exact same message (to 2 I think), if it was any stricter, we’d get our normal chat affected, eg. not be able to answer “Yes” twice in a row, or call “Abyss” twice.


Yeah, if it negatively impacts normal gameplay it shouldn’t be done. nvm…


I often suggest new players visit A ban on all websites would be a shame.


I mean any rwt websites found will be placed in the spam filter, forcing the owners to spend money on a new domain. Rinse and repeat.


‘A’ red star spam bot. Imagine if you could ignore one bot and that’d be it, instead of a new bot per minute of each hour of each day, in the nexus or pming, much less logging on at the beginning of a day to hordes of them in all nexuses…


I don’t think it limits the amount of messages, because I still see people spamming, and there is USW2


I don’t think that’s possible once all of the obvious spam filter dodges are patched up. There would be no other possible way to dodge the filter since you can’t use special characters.


With the popularity of trading servers, deca could make it so 1 or 2 servers don’t have the ban. And as to people who say that the spam filter will block normal players, just make it so all forms of RWT names are banned. A bot is only for 1 website. So if they can’t say their names, then they’re useless


I think it’s done already, to a point. That’s why some bots use fakeRWTsite,com and similar tricks.


They could just use a redirect link to their website to avoid the spam filter.


That’s right huh…, and those other link shorteners… We have a problem.


Well, Deca could block those too. Name 1 reason a legit player would post a link shortner?


The spambots usually dodge spam filters by using different letters or numbers in place for any other letter (like 1, l and I), so the filter can check if the spambots are dodging the filter.

Deca is already doing this, but filters can always be bypassed. There are no easy ways to disable spambots


Maybe banning IPs from spam bots.


I don’t see that much has been patched up. For example, spambots can say ORYX.1N to avoid the filter. Secondly, you can’t avoid the filter if most of the dodges are patched up.


I disagree with in game moderation… clearly this is a task for machine learning. Create an algorithm that takes in chat messages, how many times player ignore an account, ip addresses, age of account, time spent stationary, and time spent moving. The longer the filter ai runs, the more effective it’ll get at determining the difference between spam bots and real players. It would require minimal invention in the beginning, given some hand picked data before hand, and forced correction down the road, whereas evolution would take care of the rest.


I’ve used them to direct someone to a patch notes.


Ingame? I imagine that’s a very easy sacrifice for an end to spambots


What stops a bot from changing a few characters to hide urls? Even with complex regex, people have been getting around filters for ages. Let’s take for example. Say you automatically block anything starting with http:// or https://, www., or ending in .com. You could still write suspiciouslink (dot) com. If you block top level domain names; spaces, or other characters could be used to circumvent that. If you try to block second level domain names, you run the risk of filtering non spam messages in truckloads.

Also plenty of players use url shorteners in game, from discord invites, to guild boards, from funny memes, to birthday invitations; the possibilities are quite open ended. Certain use cases are much more frequent than others, but it comes to stand that url shorteners, or rather someone’s usage of them, is out of courtesy to their fellow peer. It is polite to shorten urls, so that others do not have to spend unnecessary amounts of time typing a url, especially if that url has GET data[1] or storage data[2] in the url.

Example of [1]: (RotMG's old character selection screen from 2010)



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