Angel/Demon UT shield


Blessed Demonic Radiance
Forged by the Angels and Demons as a compromise to stop the endless battle of hell and heaven. During the forging process it fell down onto the realm wedged between a boulder. The wielder feels the hum of good and evil imbue in the insignia.
image image
Tier: UT
MP Cost: 130
Shots: 3
Damage: 550-630 (1770)
Projectile Speed: 18
Range: 3.5
Effect: Stun for 1.0 seconds
and +15 Att for 2.5 second
Bonus Stats: +7 Def, +70 Hp, 7 Wis (Body, Mind, and Soul)
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 850
Cooldown: 0.5

Loot Bag image
Drops From Crashed Boulder image
Location HighLands
Crashed Boulder Base Hp: 5000 Hp added per Player: 1000 Max Hp @85 Player: 13,500
Dialogue: [Oryx] “Ha, so you destroyed the boulder to obtain the shield? I feel the power of the shield fading away, it looks like you weren’t chosen to wield the shield ahahaha, such shield does not belong in the realm anyways”.
Notes The shield has a similar effect like the Champion’s Bastion but instead of gaining Def on hit, the Blessed Demonic Radiance offers a +150 Hp like the Draconis helm and gaining damaging for 2.5 seconds. I love the Champion’s Bastion so much, I wanted to make another flavor of it. Knight is my favorite class, since knight is a kinda selfish character (I know the stun is an important utility ability of keeping people safe but lets be real its for the damage) so I love the flavor of self-buffing yourself in a public or solo dungeon. It might be broken, so I’ll try to evaluate the stats again. Originally I wanted to add +6 Att, 6 Dex, and 6 Spd for the flavor but thats op and overloaded.
Edit: All my guildies saying obtaining the shield is wayy to easy so ill be making a mini boss out of it.
Update: Changed the original effect from +150 Hp and Damaging 2.5 seconds to +15 Att for 2.5 seconds


This is clever.

I don’t really like the sprite though, I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be.
Also, it’s just a pally seal on knight tbh… seems a little bland to me.


Yeah now I can see it’s basically a pally seal. Thanks for pointing that out, that was a design mistake. The sprite is a shield with a large crest of half demon and angel representing the equal relationship of both faction. It was very late and I came up with an idea of a shield when I obtained the champion bastion. I didnt really think about it being a pally seal at the time. As mention I wanted to capture the draconis helm and instead of gaining def it was damaging. Instead of damaging I was thinking about +15 att only and maybe lower the mp cost. Giving the knight a quick burst of damage for a few seconds instead of defense.


Yeah… even after you told me what the sprite was supposed to be I can’t really see what it’s supposed to be.
It doesn’t matter about +15 ATT, I think it’s just not that unique and rather bland.

Doesn’t change the way that you can play knight too much to be honest


I would think of it as DEF(body), WIS(mind), and HP(soul), but it’s the same thing so meh


Yeah I know that, I just reworded it differently lol. Those who were clever knew what I was coming at.


Uhh… let’s talk about the sprite. Is it like your first time spriting?




So I’ll just point out the quick problems I see with the sprite in the hopes that it helps you out in the future. First off, bright colors almost never work out in realm art. If you have a bright color, it better be balanced out by a dark color. This is partially just because if you look at the Realm interface, most colors are pretty dark (or at least not bright) and you’re items slot and inventory are all various shades of grey so bright colors kinda don’t fit in. Second off, symmetry. I know the shields in RotMG aren’t actually symmetrical, with one side shaded more then the rest, but the problem I have with the shield comes from the fact that one side has a random red point which isn’t present on the other side. Also, although you can have different colors for the two sides of the shields, you want there to be a relationship between the two colors. Most of the time, one side is just a shaded version of the other though you could do a hybrid, gotta make sure the two colors fit together which yellow and red don’t really do. However, note, if you want to do two different colors, the borders have to match the colors. For example, if one side is lighter then the other, then the borders of the two side can’t be the same as shown in an highly exaggerated example below.

Finally, I’m sorry but the shot looks like some ass. Try to keep the shot almost perfectly symmetrical. That’s you’re best bet there


Thanks for the insight man, Ill be sure to use shading and using an appealing color scheme to fit an item. I didnt even know bright colors dont work in rotmg, thanks for taking the time explain such simple concept on the designing.


Idk if someone said this already (im too lazy to read everything) but your sprites do have a lot of potential. Imma try my hand at making my own version of your sprites when I get back from china


Sweet, Ill look forward to it.


@ChaosgameX Since it fell from the sky i tried to give it a “heavy” look. I tried to make one half demon and the other half angel, but that didn’t work out so well, so instead I made it white and black with a red gem in the middle, hope that it still has an angel/demon type of vibe to it!

Shot sprite: image


My version of the sprite (based in the title of the topic… also not too good because I’m bored)


And projectile


Also now… I suggest you stop using realmeye tool for sprite because you can’t save your sprites on it… you can use piskel, which you can download and also use it directly from the website too.

If you want outline using piskel do:

or just use this guide

If you want feedback you can join here and post it in the feedback channel.(updated)

Hope i help you a bit with your sprites, have a good day.


i really like your shot sprite


Yo that looks nice, I love the vibe of it


Now my man thats well done. The shield look pretty sic


Yeah your sprite gave me a lot of insight and the guide is teaching me a thing and two


Did someone said Demon Shield ?


ecks dee