Anguil - fanmade dungeon boss


My own art for a boss for a fanmade dungeon concept I’m working on. I put it on the community doc but I’m thinking of making my own separate doc for it. This is also my first time making serious non-pixel art for RotMG and I’m proud of it, even if I have my own gripes with it.


Is it supposed to be a turtle? I for one believe that we need a turtle boss with it from time to time saying out ‘turrrrrtle’ and ‘I want to be part of the turrrrrtle club, turrrrrrtle!’(Master of Disguise reference) But seriously, I’d make it less scary and demented and more like the classic rotmg pixel art with cartoonish features maybe, like how the nest boss looks on April fools…of which I believe should be the sprite all year long. Good effort though, it takes time to do stuff like this. 3.1415926535/10.


Yeah i pretty much expected this reaction. It’s definitely too goofy looking to look threatening. Also it’s meant to be an eel. Maybe I should have added fins. I can’t animals