Animated Items


This isn’t a fully fledged idea, and it’s really controversial, and is about… ANIMATED ITENZ! That’s right! It doesn’t have to be a long animation, just a short difference. I think it’ll make itens look cooler. I was trying to learn how to make pixel art earlier today (to sell some sprites to DECA during art contests for dat realm gold, know what I mean?) and I made this:

and this: Ogmur_Bleeding

and this! ConductedWandExplode


Amazing idea! For that cdirk animated sprite you made, I would think it would do more of a flaming type of animation, like some sort of plasma type substance. Right now it just looks like it’s gleaming, which fits more for sprites like cutlass or something


Weapon dyes buyable in nexus for 200 realm gold.

jokes aside nice sprite


Thanks! I would have done that, but I literally just started learning how to make pixel art. Like LITERALLY 2 HOURS AGO! XDD And yes, that Cronus sprite gleaming is the first ever completed piece of pixel art I’ve ever made.




I mean, for the first few days maybe? I could just make the gleam more subtle, if that would improve it?


oo a shiny cdirk.


I think it would be nicer if it was a bit more subtle, like slight mixing and moving of colors like dye in water. But, I do like the idea.


I definitely like this idea!


animations is fine maybe, but the one you did i really dont liek. If you move the two blue pxies back and force sure, but that move is super distracting, annoying and too much work.


Literally fortnite if that happened.


I feel like animations could be cool for some items. I made a quick floaty-color shifty staff:


One more random one:


Pretty nice!


I went a little crazy and started animating existing UTs, I tried to keep them kind of subtle. Here are a few. I think I might do a bunch more and make a thread.



Deca, Hire This People! :sweat_smile:


I love how planewalker disappears. Maybe maybe it so it happens less often though?

edit: and maybe less predictably, if that is possible. but i really do like the idea


Yeah, I will make it less frequent when I make a big compilation post. I could try and make varying intervals within a longer gif to give the appearance of randomness, but it couldn’t actually be random.


The resu you posted, the gemstone in the middle reminds me of when I would watch the sky on high ass doses of 4-ho-met oml


I like the idea and I like the resu. The problem that I see is that the first ones you did weren’t 8×8.
But the later ones were, and that might not matter as much with unity.