Anime Discussion Thread

WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO 01010000 01110010 01110101 01110011 01101000 01101011 01100001?

OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO 01010000 01110010 01110101 01110011 01101000 01101011 01100001!!!

guys I have literal anime/manga PTSD

Look at your own risk


So it looks like Riko is now white whistle, ree
xd last dive already skree


Just watch that one episode of naruto where they make ramen, skip straight to shippuden, and you’ll be A OK


Oh no what have they done??

There is no return...


here’s a video on (the alpha anime) eromanga sensei!

that’s some dedication…and very lewd.

also, what are all yall’s opinions on nichijou?


It’s great. Fun, wacky nonsense.


I especially love the dynamic between Nano and Hakase, it’s hilarious



Darling in the Franxx was absolute trash, fuck that show for wasting my goddamn time.


I did binge DiF, was pretty garbage imo
It did land in my predicted range of 75<x<85/100 tho

Starting Magica Madoka, heard it was depressing lmao


eww no DiTF was a soft 45/100 at the MOST. The ending was complete shit and a total cop out. It would’ve been semi dramatic had they not stuck with the stupid “oh they’re red and blue onis and fucking cosmically intertwined”


the only thing that saved me from voting darling in the franxx a 4/10 or below, was the good buildup from the first half, the intriguing story, zero two’s sexy personality, and the good art. otherwise, the ending literally woulda just fucked up the entire series and my rating of it.

it’s nowhere near depressing. enjoy it while it lasts though.


Keep in mind that I’m using a really wierd scale

I need to fix it

It’s kinda like e^x where anything below ninety is like the graph of e^x from - inf to 0 and anything above ninety is like super huge

TL;DR: I use a really wierd scale, 75/100 doesn’t mean much.

TL:DR 2: Let f(x)= (2^x)-1. Assume a show is given a score n/100. Then; the weighted score can be calculated as
So, DitF recieves a score of 7*10^-8 percent.

This scoring mechanism doesn’t really work, since it squishes all the bad anime to like 0. I need to modify it so that it’s more of a linear function



DitF ended as an enormous disappointment to me. Up through episode 16ish (whichever had the spoiler) I thought it was going great. After that it just fell to pieces, trying to Gurren Lagann itself into giant space battles that made no sense and had no connection whatsoever to the buildup of the first 3/4 of the series. It’s like all the writers and action designers left and left it to the interns to finish, without a completed script or any idea where the original authors were going. Easily the biggest letdown I’ve ever watched in anime. It actually made me mad it was so poorly executed at the end, compared to some of the brilliant episodes earlier in the series.


totally agreed.

Anime Spoilers

they introduced the “main villain” wayy too late into the series. they also didn’t explain ANYTHING after the second half, like who tf is papa? how did hiro survive near death with no penalties whatsoever? why are the klaxosaurs so readily taking the ally side, why the fuck are hiro and 02 riding in space fighting virm??? the most important question of all: why the fuck do u need ur penis removed for immortality? Someone just threw away the rest of the series and shoved it into a 5 episode shitfest

You look at your own risk-DiTF

I literally have no explanation for this, and it’s dumb

You look here at your own risk-Magica Madoka

Magica Madoka literally ends with Madoka becoming a divine entity and then rewriting the universe and then failing (?) somehow, which forces Homura to keep fighting… What the fuck is actually going on with this story I don’t even

If you have to turn your mc into a divine being then you know something’s fishy


If you’re going to use spoiler tags, at least say for what show it’s for

(I mean I can assume it’s for DiF since that’s what the current discussion is on, but I clicked on one of your spoiler tags up above by accident and probably spoiled something MiD for myself, even though I didn’t understand what I was looking at)


I still haven’t watched the ending Darling in the Franxx, it’s something I need to get around to finishing though I’m already aware of how big of a disappointment that ending is

I feel like it could’ve been a great show but it went in all the wrong directions and became a cliched mess of a story. From where I left off (middle of the show) it seemed like they were making the characters overly immature to have some half assed character development where the characters learn to grow the fuck up - but that probably never even happened. It was just painful for me to watch a group of idiotic melodramatic teenagers bumbling around while their lives were at stake.


sorry about that


Since DiF was recently brought up, this was uploaded today

Gotta love Gigguk


My goodness Natsu is a discount Bakugo in Fairy Tail


no, it’s the other way around, since natsu came first.

doesn’t matter though, the closest thing natsu has as a personality is acting like a hotheaded sentimental retard all the time, all while yelling “ImA WIN U WITH THE POWER OF FRENDSHIP”. the comedic relief of fairy tail really falls off when the arcs start to seem extremely cookie-cutter and repetitive, and when the author actually begins taking it seriously, which happens fairly fast in comparison to other comedic shonen.

i’d recommend to drop it at maybe episode 50. it doesn’t get any more interesting than it does afterwards, and the whole thing’s a couple hundred episodes long. not worth the time, coming from someone who watched the anime and finished the manga a good while back.