Another Great video that will get me more hate :)


Ahh haaa here we go hope you enjoy


While I agree with your point that a lot of the owners and admins of discords lack ethics in general, they only act like that because of the people who join and give them power in the first place.
Also to your vc thing, people in general don’t know map reading, and woland keeps vcs open anyway so that is something that most discords could do, yes.

To your saying no reqs, if someone can’t contribute to the amount that they scale the hp up, they’re a liability aren’t they? Let alone the people who level in runs and just die, taking away from people who could have actually completed the run and got loot.

I don’t hate you, it just seems like you got mad and let that anger cloud your judgement.


within the first minute and a half you directly promote the use of trackers…

also “don’t argue” lmfao

People are required to be in voice chat during a run so the run leaders can actually lead the run, not being in the vc directly stops the person from listening to the rl. As the rules you read state you’re supposed to tell the RL if you have to leave the chat for any reason, if you aren’t able to join their chat back you can’t be in the run, but if you’re able to get back into the chat you can ask for the RL to drag you back into the chat.

As for entering Bazaar early and waiting outside the baz, they aren’t bad rules, as the only way you can effectively do this is through using a tracker, something that is against the ToS of the game itself, and something that directly harms normal players, if you use a tracker you should be banned and kicked from runs.

“you should just know how to do these” new players always exist, and won’t know how do them properly, you being able to do one doesn’t show that some red star that started playing 100 days ago does.

“there shouldn’t be reqs” there absolutely should, joining a run on a level 15 wizard with a t2 staff harms the run due to hp scaling, if reqs were thrown out runs would become much harder and take far more time because a third of the people in the dungeon are having to deal with the HP scale of a group 3 times their size and the other 2/3 are just sitting there with a purely negative contribution.

“I can run a raiding discord far better!” then go do it, make one, go make your LH discord with no requirements, no rules, and completely open VC and try to get more than 30 members lmfao

honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this video got you banned from raiding discords in general and added to their insta-kick list, after admitting to using a tracker.

I agree that raiding discords can do some stupid shit and abuse power, as is shown by @candyshi 's thread (hidden) but your complaints are about the very reasonable rules that are in place to allow people to either get into runs, as large amounts of tracking players just disallows normal players to enter, or for runs to be efficiently run, being in voice chat and listening to the rl.


well actually people also leak location to friends, as well as manually search every server to find the loc.


I mean you can assume I have a tracker be my guess, but a little secret I have more than a few people in a few servers that leak me locations. So tracker sure those are my trackers. And first minute and a half I did not even promote a single thing except my discord, feel free to re watch, I did not leak information nor give anyone a link to a specific program, let me restate, I have my ways of finding the locations. As I pointed in the first half of this I have more than a few people whom will tell me the locations if I were to ask. Secondly the rules are absurd. You mentioned new players let me check the traffic flow for new players on this game is not that high so this generally goes out to mainly everyone who has played for more than a year or half a year. Reqs for a game to JOIN a run, note I said If you know how to do it then feel free to join, go ahead, take precautions if you don’t and that is common knowledge. And lastly why you so triggered my man, this just proves my point you wanna argue and start unnecessary fighting (just proving you are probably one of those power hungry fools, I mean if your really getting offended show everyone who you are) and after you read this your gonna try to come after me again thinking your some big shot, brother let me tell you this is a game I can have my opinion and you coming here thinking your gonna shoot me down is a 1 in 0 chance. So blabber, complain, and act like a child my man your proving nothing, you can get offended and get heated all you want but what ur saying is just proving a point I made out. Ever think of that?


Also let me reiterate something I said, I am not part of any discord group nor will I ever. Meaning if I get banned what does that affect on me??? Absolutely nothing due to the fact that I can careless about being in a lost halls discord.


Well I really didn’t get mad, giving more or so a personal opinion based on a crooked system that needs some refinement. With the informals I do it’s more or so opinions and what I see is wrong that a lot of people might not.


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