Any Ideas? I can't chat anymore


(Not sure if it follows under this category. Sorry in Advance).

So, I just got on for the first time in a couple months (like back in February) and I went to do some trades in USwest2. Today I was trading like how I normally trade (ctrl c --> ctrl v) then I randomly dced. I didn’t think to much of this until a couple mins ago when someone pmed me. I I tried to pm them back and they didn’t respond asking the same question again. I repeated this process with the person twice before getting on my alt and investigating I pmed my main everything seemed fine, but If I pmed back they can’t see it. I also can’t chat I tried to see if I could at least see that and of course I couldn’t .-.

I looked at the updates and saw there was pretty much an anti-spam filter. I’m guessing my account can no longer chat? I’m not sure if this is permanent and I don’t know how to get in contact with Help and Support :confused:

If you have any ideas and/or the link to the support page may you please help me.


The site isn’t very helpful though and you can send you support tickets directly at


I’ve literally never noticed that button. Ty <3


I believe there’s a setting for ignoring all players under a certain star amount. Many players have this setting on, so maybe that’s the reason?


That setting doesn’t ever nearly reach the amount of stars relevant to OP, being orange star.


Ah, I must have read wrong. I thought it was the alt with the trouble.


This happens to me all the time and its getting really annoying, especially when im trying to trade. :angry:


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