Anyone else think these are terribly sprited?


Like damn, those look horrible in my opinion.
What’s your opinion on the sprites?


Agreed. Not sure what the last weapon (bright green) is even supposed to be. A fishing hook? I’ve seen Minecraft texture packs with better sprites


in my opinion, they look really good but kinda strange probably because their colours are like the normal weapons which are outdated in sprites.


Did you try them on testing? There’s a momentary WTF when you first come across them (and you do a lot as they’re close to as common as the current weapons) but very quickly you get used to them.

Each is a new but distinct design, unlike existing tiered and most UT/STs.In particular each has its own silhouette which makes them instantly recognisable. They are very abstract, as they have to be when there’s only a small number of pixels to use.

Colours vary like the current weapons which means some have muted colours, close to real material colours, others have brighter/primary colours. There seems to be some attempt to make the colour progression more consistent for different weeapon types. Basically the colours are very similar to existing items, especially existing tiered items, and you quickly get used to them.


Nothing is terribly sprited, my man


HE LIVES, a welcome back to the one true artist.


What is this deadly raven ninja - is it a goblinskull on an altar?


Average NVIDIA Canvas artist:


I kinda like the Morning Star and Tachis. The Flail does look a bit weird, but I think that’s mostly because very few sprites are tilted at such an angle. Similar situation with the longbow, where the thinness just looks weird since it’s uncommon. I agree with @Skandling in that the shapes are mostly just different for the sake of being different, which doesn’t instantly make their sprites bad. Besides, we’ve had worse. Remember old Lost Halls sprites?


Just remember, that every weapon whatsoever is always displayed with a dropshadow + grey background. Green bg without a shadow looks unpleasing. This should fix it a bit


Wow that looks so much better, especially since the background compliments the color of the ball and chain instead of clashing with them.


they actually look decent. Well I resprited them in a minute, so they do look different ingame


To be honest I like the original Morning Star sprite more rather than your resprite because your Morning Star has less shine and detail in it.


The only one’s that suck are the longbows they should’ve been crossbow sprites instead