Anyone experiencing disconnects in dungeons recently?


Here’s a compilation of DCs from Nazoado. Granted they’re all from the nest, the similarity between all of those DC instances is that an enemy was killed.

The first DC happened because of a shield bash, which means…it isn’t an issue with exaltations since shields don’t get affected by their dmg bonus. So if exaltations aren’t the reason for disconnecting upon killing an enemy, then…what else could it be?


I actually got one update from @TheIvyX on this: their guild suggested it might’ve been piercing weapons, somehow.
Then again, the 2nd clip in that compilation uses only a pixie…
Ughhhh, this is just beeyond me at this point 8\


Yea, just as soon as we thought we’d have a lead to follow through, multiple other scenarios have presented themselves… It’s even stranger when you realise that only a portion of people are experiencing this while the rest seem to play the game just fine. Does that mean it has something to do with what computers we’re using? It’s quite bizarre…

Friend of mine also made the possible reason that damage isn’t being properly registered…also a maybe, but at this point I think only the devs would know what’s going on…


I don’t know if this could at all be a related side-effect, but I’ve been “receiving” random fame bonuses at random random times, like maxing a stat I haven’t, or earning monster kill bonuses I didn’t earn. Sometimes that bugginess has acted as a bad omen for dc’ing a dungeon of it shows up in the beginning or middle of fighting through a said dungeon.

It probably is, but this makes no more sense to me than the Flash vs. Unity performance. Based on data from back then, it sounds like there were many players who had the same computers and browsers for using Flash, and obviously the Unity client was more an easy scientific control for its consistency of not needing browsers, but everyone seemed split on what worked better. Some players received a performance enhancement with Unity (like me), while others insisted that it’s became “literally unplayable.”


I’ve also had this happen routinely entering and exiting dungeons. No more solo disconnects, though. Overall unity has been pretty good to me vs. flash.


Oh, I’m not disputing this being better than flash. Flash had unplayable frame rates for me in its last few months. I’ll take Unity and it’s bugs any day.


there’s no real pattern from the stories i read
is there a way to private message on the forums? I need to PM @Seelpit because i was there when theivyx shot you that message, and i wanted to provide more info

here’s some info from the convo we had, in hopes of a better understanding w/ more info in one place

just for kicks


You can’t directly message on the forums to my knowledge. The best way I know of is to mention on the forums that you’re sending her a message directly to her Realmeye specific inbox, so she knows to check.


yeah I’ve had that visual glitch about 2 times, and they both happened when I returned to the nexus.

ok, here’s me trying to understand what’s happening with the disconnects here.

some people dc in certain dungeons if certain things happen, the stories I’m seeing here are inconsistent.
it’s possible that some parts of their computer may be the cause of all this.
though maybe it’s just something in the ingame options that if it’s not set correctly, the dcs happen.
even then, the computer part and ingame options things might be inconsistent for some unknown reason.

now I kinda understand all this. that’s it for now.


See the weird part about this is that my computer’s specs are basically identical to what is listed in the “Recommended specs” on the Exalt website except for the graphics card. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 instead of a 1060, which I believe is about the same power give or take.

So it’s not like I have a bare minimum PC and I am risking a malfunction with every second I play, I have what Deca recommends and I’m still getting slapped with this issue (pain)


i haven’t seen anyone refute this claim, so i gave this a try and i’ve yet to be disconnected from a realm or a dungeon
it would be nice to see more people participate so we can confirm that the use of an ability has something to do w/ the recent disconnect problems


Seeing how I did use an ability recently for the 2 clips I posted of myself, I will try to test it out when I’m free


update, 100% summoner ability has something to do w/ d/c’s
i’m using the knight w/ the ST easter set now however, and used the ability many times, and i didn’t d/c in cult, davy, or para

so the causes might differ depending on the class?


I did a test fungal run, I dc’ed after killing one of the worm child’s segments despite being completely mundane for the entire dungeon run.


That wouldn’t explain my ninja (plus samurai, sorc, and bard) solos, unfortunately.


What if it was perhaps both a possibility?
Ability usage and / or piercing weapons and / or Exaltation-related damage boosts.
That would explain why we’re not able to settle on an answer: we’ve been too focused on pinpointing one single cause, whereas it could very well be multiple.

Though, that still wouldn’t really explain why it seemingly only affects certain players 8\


Game basically hates me, wants me to leave the community forever and never return

Yea I honestly don’t know, and at this point I’m borderline just giving up entirely. The devs didn’t pay much issue to the small minority of people who couldn’t run Exalt and was literally unplayable for them compared to Flash. So chances are, they probably will do the same for this issue, in which case, this is basically the end of the line for my RotMG career. 9 years in the making, all to crumble to a new class update…

Welp, maybe it’s all for the better


I’m actually directly having two conversations at once with this with other testers, we’re still trying to pinpoint it as well - a few potential clues have been found, so it’s a matter of time beefore the devs find the cause.
I wouldn’t give up so easily on this, if I were you. I’m sure it’ll work out /w\


DC’ed from a forest maze while leveling up a wizard. It happened as soon as I used my spell on some of the enemies. Overdamaging is likely involved since it was a t6 spell in a forest maze. I don’t record my game so no clip.