Anyone experiencing disconnects in dungeons recently?


Just got dced from shooting the walls of a ghost kings castle and earlier shooting a hobbit mage and his gang.
Was leveling the same huntress for both and hadn’t used my trap for a little bit before the ghost king dc but had used it just before the hobbit mage dc.

(Was using a bramble bow when hitting the hobbit mage if that matters)



Yuki Today at 2:30 PM

just as more information for the dc: typing in chat and unlocking people also seem to dc

Nazoado Today at 11:04 PM

Damage exaltation makes difference between client damage and server damage, so it will happen we hit already dead enemies and that causes dc

Nazoado Today at 11:42 PM

summoner dc is a different issue from that i think

[ 11:43 PM ]

it’s similar to dire prism dc glitch


On my bard and warrior today I was fine, for me it is only happening on my knight. It doesn’t happen too much, 1-2 times a play session for me which is about an hour.


Keeps happening for me, especially in the Snake Pit. It happens so often i rarely wanna do snake pit anymore. Which is sad, i need those spd pots :smiley:


Even after today’s update? It should have hopefully fixed that.


Still happens, I’ve noticed it the most on ninja. I always spam my ability even when I have no mana and I think thats getting me disconnected

Edit: Alright after researching for a bit I guess its a general bug with ninja that has been around for more than half a year. Cool. Not gonna use that class then


God I hate this bug. I want to use spider shuriken for the slows but it only lasts for 2 seconds, meaning I need to spam stars to keep the slow up, and that just ups the risk of getting DCd.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I am still getting frameskips

edit; just DCd from a tomb. Entire realm went down. F


i can assure you it’s more than just a half a year, it’s been YEARS

on the same token, i’m very hesitant to stun as a knight while stunned, because of the D/C that happened whenever you did

Does anyone know if this is still a thing? I have PTSD from 2013-2014 because of it.


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