Anyone experiencing frameskips recently?


Before, all my guildies and me used to have major issues with frameskips that would occur after about an hour of gameplay. DECA managed to fix it after a few months, and all was well. Recently, however, it seems that frameskips are back. I lost my 4/4 tablet wizard in a solo O3 due to this, and I’ve seen other people complain about it as well. Someone else posted this video last night of a frameskip occuring:

So, is this happening for anyone else? Did DECA make the issue worse with this update? I really lost the motivation to play after losing most of my favorite characters due to frameskips over the year, and I want to know if it is just me or a general issue


We actually have a thread here with some people trying to pinpoint the issue already! You may want to take the discussion there instead.


I thought that was about disconnects- I’m talking about frameskips, where your game freezes and shoots you across the map by the time you unfreeze. If discussion is taking place there too then we can move/merge this thread over there

Also, this thread should be moved over to Bugs & Known Issues too. Can someone do that for me? Thank you


There’s a multitude of issues right now. PhantomMod (and several others in various places) mentioned frame-skipping amidst disconnections. I believe they’re all related to a root cause, even if DCs are more common.


Yes, a week ago, I was fine, but now I have to reset my laptop, end all programs, hog the wifi, play on an uncrowded server, play during the afternoons, JUST to play relatively smoothly.


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