Anyone have a clue of perfect pet chances?


I’m kinda making this post out of frustration, but I’m guessing something about the pet system has changed. In the past, people would use Piffel to look up Perfect Pet chances, but I don’t think that works anymore. Like how Piffel used to have information about pet chances, maybe some of you guys have information about the current perfect pet chance? Mainly, what are the chances for the third ability to be electric?

I’ve hatched 16 eggs with heal-Mheal. Something that stood out was that savage is a common third ability. (even tho, it’s the least favorable skill)

Also, do humanoid eggs still have the best chances of a perfect pet? (Since the prices are still 1 life for 1 common humanoid pet), according to the first ability wiki post, ??? have the same first ability chances as humanoid pets.

and as for heal-mheal variation, automation, reptile, ??? and humanoid have a 50% chance to get heal as it’s first ability.


If I remember correctly, it was changed so that every family has the same odds at any ability. Also pfiffel hasn’t been updated in over a year afaik


Afaik all abilites are equally likely on all families, which would give you a chance of 1/(9*8*7)=1/504

I might be wrong though as pet abilities on challenger where still predetermined by the family


Only the second and third abilities would be equally likely on all families. The first ability is not (at least assuming you are hatching common/uncommon eggs; if you’re hatching rare/legendary, it’s very possible there’s an equal chance to get any ability in the first ability, so I don’t recommend doing this to roll abilities), because each common/uncommon pet is guaranteed to start with a specific ability in first ability slot.

For example, look at Humanoid family:
If you are hatching common/uncommon humanoid egg, you aren’t getting Attack Close or something as first ability. You’ll either get Heal or Magic Heal as the first ability.
Compare that to Insect family:
If we ignore the chance of getting one of the rarer skins (they aren’t heal or mheal anyways so who cares), you could roll Heal, but you could also get Rising Fury, Decoy, or Attack Far as the first ability. This then gives you a lower chance of getting the “perfect pet”, in comparison to something like Humanoid family.


So in that case Myam’s answer would be (assuming we only hatch humanoid eggs that are common/uncommon)

1/2 * 1/8 * 1/7 = 1/112 ≈ 0.008928?

and if you don’t care about the order of the first two abilities (h/mh/elec vs mh/h/elec) it would be

1 * 1/8 * 1/7 = 1/56 ≈ 0.01785

which wow never considered it’s actually decently rare to land a perfect pet

also nice probability xddd


…I’ve gotten pre buffed droprates lh white levels of luck multiple times then, ;-:


that’s really weird because I opened 16 eggs with heal-Mheal as their first two abilities and so far no heal-Mheal-electric. This leads me to kinda believe that electric is rarer as a third ability. Maybe im unlucky, but there is an 8% of me not getting a perfect pet after 16 eggs with heal-mheal.


For sure just unlucky with that third ability, unfortunately. Remember that the third ability doesn’t matter at all until you fuse to legendary, so just level up your current heal/mheal pet until then! Plenty of time to find more eggs and hatch that perfect pet before fusing to legendary.

Edit: Don’t know how I ended up on a multi-month old post. Sorry for the necro-bump, mods!


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